White Women Alert Authorities About “Let’s Go Brandon” Sign At West Roxbury Rotary Polling Place


A month ago NASCAR driver Brandon Brown won a race, and instead of cheering for him the crowd started chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” It’s not the first time this has happened, as college football games especially have seen their crowds express dissatisfaction with our dementia patient of a President in such a manner. But while Brandon Brown was being interviewed by an NBC reporter on live television she attempted to tell him that they were actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” instead of “F*** Joe Biden.”

Remember though, Turtleboy is fake news, not the mainstream media outlet who gaslights viewers by telling them the crowd is chanting something that they’re not.

The last thing the media wants you to believe is that President Biden is historically unpopular and losing faith of the American people. Then you might vote for a Republican. Instead they use their platforms to lie to the public, but thanks to obvious stunts like this the jig is officially up.

Instead of whining about it the right has embraced “Let’s Go Brandon” as a hilariously coded message that isn’t nearly as offensive to chant at family events. It’s the common man’s way of expressing his disgust with the Biden administration without having to use vulgarity, while still expressing the same emotions that are behind “f*** Joe Biden.” We all can’t be as bad ass as this guy.


Anyway, the left can’t meme so it took them about a month to finally figure out why everyone on the other team is chanting for some guy named Brandon.

I predicted that it was only a matter of time until it was officially labeled as hate speech to cheer for poor Brandon, and urged people to get their Let’s Go Brandon Turtleboy gear in the Turtleboy store while they could.


They did not let me down.

If there’s one thing CNN and the left are thinking about, it’s the children.

This blue checkmarked boomer noticed a pattern about people who used coded statements too.

Ya know who else pooped? ISIS, the Klan, and Nazis. Pooping is for bigots.

Shockingly this geezer Joe Lockhart also fell for and deleted this gem over the weekend.

Keep your Boomers off of Twitter folks.

At the West Roxbury rotary today this happened:

Oh no! Someone who has negative things to say about the most powerful group of people in the world! Better use the 311 app to alert the authorities.

“This is very divisive.”

It’s a political sign on election day. Luckily communists like Michelle Wu are not divisive or political at all, and don’t distract anyone.

This was entirely predictable too:

Their playbook is just so simple. Everyone who challenges their monopoly on power is a:

  • Nazi
  • ISIS
  • White supremacist
  • Klansman
  • Domestic terrorist
  • Insurrectionist
  • All of the above

That’s it. That’s their whole level of discourse. It’s all they’ve got. You can’t even use coded language around them now because it will only take them about 30 days to crack your code too.

The communists who run the Universal Hub are not pleased with it either.

Because expressing dissatisfaction with Joe Biden means you are loyal to Donald Trump. It’s simply not possible to have problems with this administration and the previous one. Luckily Kathleen Rusteika, who according to LinkedIn is an administrative assistant in the Boston Public Schools, is on the case.

Step 1 – Find out who rented this sign and expressed their political opinions on it in coded language.

Step 2 – Be mad about it.

Caroline Chrisom wondered the same.

“Signs expressing political viewpoints I disagree with should be illegal!” – White Wine Caroline

Alex Nicholson works as a senior director of social media.

There’s no way she’d say something dumb enough on Twitter to end up on Turtleboy.

You can’t reform free speech! But we all thank Alex for her Karenism by alerting the police to the dangerous people expressing political opinions on signs! It’s not enough to ban people like that from social media, we must always ban them from the public entirely.

Let’s Go Brandon!



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