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White Women Attempt To Get 2 UConn Students Expelled From School For Attending Trump Protest As Part Of Their Van Tour


This is Joe Fonciello and Abbe Minor, two UConn students who appear to travel around the country in a van and post about it on Instagram.

This is Shannon Wynne and Noel Sullivan.

As you can see, silence is not her thing, which is why she never shuts up about her cause of the day on social media. She’s disgusted by biological women, but seems to be a big fan of biological men that they can be women.

Last week Abbe and Joe got in their van and went to Washington for the Trump protest. I have no idea if they’re republicans or just wanted to watch an event in person that was all over the news. But this REALLY upset the white girl mafia, including Shannon and Noel. They posted about it, demanded Joe and Abbe be expelled by UConn, accused them of being killer racists who participated in a riot, and attempted to get the mainstream media to shame them.

Uh muh God, Alex Jones! They must be white nationalists!

Luckily most people in this group mocked her for being ridiculous, although she did have some sympathizers. But the only people who think it’s OK to go to political protests are white supremacists.

Even though neither Joe nor Abbe seems to have rioted they were still blamed for “contributing to the escalation of the riots” by being in a public place during the middle of the day.

“Going to the rally because you think he lost even though there was no actual evidence that the election was rigged.”

Now do BLM.

“Going to the protest because you think Michael Brown got shot because the cops was racist and he had his hands up even though no actual evidence exists?

I think most rational people can agree that both BLM and Trump protests are a gigantic waste of time filled with dumb people who like to riot when it gets dark out.

Also, the riots this summer were OK because they were “fighting against racial injustice.”

Because looting a Macy’s is the only way to show the world how upset you were about George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose.

The best part was that a brown guy attempted to say that Trump wasn’t a white supremacist, and she informed him that he was in fact a white supremacist too.

She then used her white privilege to point out that Trump came from a KKK family.

Can we get a fact check on that please?

K, thanks.

Then again, everyone is a white supremacist to people like this.

Alex Jones is a mentally unstable entertainer who smokes way too much pot, makes stuff up, and yells at people. Definitely a white supremacist.

The post was eventually removed from the Facebook group, but Noel decided to spend her day stalking the van people some more on Instagram.

Anyway, Noel Sullivan is likely a white supremacist. All of her friends appear to be white, she’s white, and she tells brown people they have to vote for the white guy she tells them to vote for.

And if you disagree with her she will get the news to expel you from UConn. She’s fixing the world.


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