White Women In Sturbridge Anti-Racist Group Compile List Of Local Businesses To Harass For Not Publicly Supporting Black Lives Matter, Being Owned By Conservatives


There is a “private” Facebook group called Sturbridge against racism with over 200 members that recently began circulating a list they made in June of “problematic” local businesses who weren’t woke enough and therefore needed to be destroyed (after being shut down by the government for months due to a virus). The list was made during the height of the George Floyd riots, when it became fashionable and acceptable for mobs to harass local businesses and demand that they pass ideological purity tests in order to not be harassed with fraudulent one star reviews. This was how white people in places like Sturbridge convinced themselves that they were making a difference and “being good allies,” because a cop in Minnesota allegedly murdered a black man who had ingested 3 times the lethal amount of fentanyl.

Here is their list.

Sturbridge Business Anti-Racism Project

Carrie and Company was flagged for being “pro gun, homophobic/conservative extremist.” Because supporting the second amendment means you want black people to die.

The Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale (a church, not a business) was put on the list because they “complained about a Pride flag at the library.” And it’s largely their fault George Floyd died because of that. 

Both the Hair Gallery Salon and Spa and Petrie Family Farm were blacklisted for the crime of being “not progressive.” Simply not being a racist person wasn’t enough. You had to be liberal too. 

Jimmy D’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shoppe and the Sturbridge Coffee House were both added to the list for supporting cops by attending events, selling merchandise, and making Facebook posts supporting police officers. Because if you support the institution that protects us from anarchy and rampant criminality you are part of the problem now and your business must be destroyed.

The Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar was targeted for harassment because they are “owned by a Trump supporter,” in a town where over 40% of people voted for Trump. Sturbridge is also surrounded by towns that voted for Trump and is located in the most conservative parts of the state.

But they had to be destroyed because they killed George Floyd.

The Thrift Gypsy “used a racial slur in their name!” Even though that’s not a racial slur, and gypsies are quite real. 

Treehouse Brewery and Wild Flour Kolaches got a pass because they were “owned by a liberal” and “pro democrat,” while Jones & Jones Realty, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and Ohoodles of Doodles were exempt from harassment because they were owned by Sturbridge against Racism members.

The purpose of this list, and lists like it, isn’t to make the world a better place. The purpose of these lists is to scare and intimidate people into saying what the mob wants them to say out of fear of losing their livelihoods. It was no longer acceptable in June of 2020 for businesses to just sell you things you want. Every major corporation was pressured into releasing a statement about how much they opposed racism and wanted police held accountable for murdering black people. Life could not go on until I heard where Coca Cola, a company that contributed to the obesity epidemic that led to America’s abnormally high COVID death count, stood on the issue of systemic racism. Advertisers on shows like Tucker Carlson that criticized the accepted narrative were targeted with harassment under the guise of being a “boycott.” A boycott involves not shopping at a business that you normally would, but groups like this harass and call businesses they never have step foot in in the first place.

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The group’s admins are two white women named Amanda Ivey and Chelsea Ann, who believe that harassing small business owners will alleviate the white guilt that consumes them by choosing to live so far away from racial minorities.

Chelsea ironically shared an article mocking people who believe conservatives are being cancelled, while participating in a mob whose sole intention was to cancel businesses that were owned by conservatives.

She’s totally not racist, despite isolating herself entirely in whiteness, because she called Stacy Abrams a “f***ing queen.”

This list was “leaked” out and business owners on the list found out and weren’t happy about it.

Wild Flower Kolaches found out that they were on the list and were initially taken aback. Once they found out that they were one of the few businesses that were listed as “owned by a liberal” they updated their post and eventually removed it entirely.

The woman who made the list was Sarah Prager, a lesbian author who was published by a major company, is promoted by various public schools she gets to pimp her book out at, and wants to defund the police.

She hates the police and believes that only violent uprisings against them will bring social changes she wants.

She approves of rioting and looting because she would “rather see a loss of profit and property” than black people being killed by cops, and logically then the only way to protect black people is to loot small businesses.

She’s never owned a business, and thus has no problem leading mobs both in person and online to destroy other people’s businesses, because she can’t understand what it feels like to lose everything for a crime you took no part in.

Sarah wouldn’t understand what owning a business is like, or producing a product that people actually want, because this is what she does for a living:

She was really upset about kids in cages in 2018.

But now that those cages are more overcrowded than ever she’s surprisingly quiet and continues to support the administration that’s allowing it to happen. Perhaps her publishing company should be targeted by online mobs, and they certainly deserve to be since this is the game she wants to play.

Targeting companies that don’t go along with her agenda has long been her thing. Recently she’s demanded that companies come out and oppose bills that would ban biological boys from beating up on girls in girls sports, and ban parents from chemically castrating their children.

She also recently got vaccinated.

But she’s still demanding that healthy people cover themselves with a face diaper in order to protect her from a virus she can’t get anymore.

Her wife also likes and follows a page called “Shut that down” which specifically exists to shut down small businesses that don’t publicly declare that they agree with all of Sarah’s liberal talking points.

But Sarah and her bullying friends from the group insist they weren’t trying to harass any businesses or shut anyone down.

“There were notes on good and bad on whether folks made public statements or done stuff like sell Trump merch.”

If you support the Republican candidate for President instead of the old white guy who said that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him, then you’re a racist and your business must be destroyed.

Their goal was to “reach out to businesses directly.”

Except they never reached out to any of these businesses, and small business owners don’t owe her an explanation on anything.

Plus, she never called anyone a racist.

She just shared her list in a group called “Sturbridge against racism” and identified problematic businesses for the sole intention of harming them.

It’s OK though, because the real problem wasn’t that the list was created, it was that the list was shared outside their “private” Facebook group.

Imagine what a naive child you have to be to think that a Facebook group with 200+ members was somehow “private.” And when you’re circulating lists that hurt small businesses you expect all 200 members to stay quiet about it like it’s Fight Club. They actually called it “doxxing.”

She literally said she made the list on the post. A list that doxxed businesses for the intent of hurting them. But yes, Sarah is the victim here. That’s what their playbook tells them to say when they get called out for being horrible people.

The list achieved its intended purpose.

Danielle LaRiviere defended the list a lot because it only “identified businesses that may be racist.”

Because that’s her job – to decide who’s racist and who isn’t, and participate in bullying campaigns against those who don’t bend the knee and pledge allegiance to black lives matter.

Others tried to pretend like the list had noble intentions of identifying businesses that were against racism.

Go Jeanne, Go!

“The goal was to have a constructive dialogue with businesses and explain another perspective.”

Yea, I have a question – who exactly do you think you are? Do you think BT’s Smokehouse or the Black and White Grille wants to take time out of their day to speak on the phone to you and explain why they’re not racist so that you won’t try to hurt them? Do you really think they owe you that? Are you really that presumptuous and arrogant so as to assume that BT’s cares about or wants Stand against Racism’s approval of their political opinions? They’re trying to sell ribs and chicken, and you’re clogging up their phone lines pretending like you have virtuous intentions, preventing actual customers from placing orders. Go shove a pint of Ben and Jerry’s down your gullet if you really want to show the world how woke you are.

We all know what the goal of groups like this are, and they get away with it because no one fights back against them. Those days are over. If you bully small businesses and try to hurt them because you think your worldview is superior to their’s then you are an immoral person and you will be called out for it. This doesn’t make you the victim, it makes you the bad guy, and maybe now you’ll understand what it’s like to be on the other end of a campaign like the one you’re involved in.


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