White Women Of Auburn Are Outraged That Gun Club Is Allowing Straight Pride Guys To Host Fundraiser 


The white women of Auburn are big mad, and it all started with this lady.

Kristy Currie Kaminski has her twat in a twist after she found out that the Century Sportsman Club (a local gun range that hosts a charity hayride every year which we’ve advertised before) was allowing the boobs from the Super Happy Fun Straight Pride Circle Jerk to have an event there.

Nobody triggers these people more than the straight pride guys. They are a scary looking bunch.

It’s the KKK!

Just look at those insurrectionists! This country has survived world wars, natural disasters, economic depressions, and secession. But Washington DC has met its match with the super fun circle jerk. Our entire government could collapse any day now if they keep plotting!

It still cracks me up that they call it an insurrection. They just love giving these guys credit for something they wish they were capable of. A bunch of idiots fed by Donald Trump’s lies stormed into the Capitol, broke a few windows, read Nancy Pelosi’s emails, and proclaimed Viking Man lord emperor. The only person who was killed during the riot was Ashli Babbitt, and all they accomplished was delaying the inevitable certification of the electoral college. At no point were they ever remotely a threat to overthrow our government, which unlike the mob of a few thousand idiots in hunting jackets and blue jeans, has nuclear weapons and tanks.

I’ve interviewed these guys before. We didn’t really get along, but they’re pretty harmless. The straight pride thing is nothing but trolling, and it works every time. Mark Sahady and the older lady from Natick on the left were both arrested for their part in the “insurrection” – walking through open doors and looking around. This is apparently a fundraiser for their legal fees. If you don’t like them then don’t go.

But of course the woke mafia doesn’t subscribe to that belief. Anything they like must not exist, and they’ll tell any lie, and use as much hyperbole in order to convince their fellow townsfolk that their cause is just.

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AWFUL! Sickening! And no one can do anything about it because of that pesky Constitution. How will they survive if this event in the middle of nowhere is allowed to take place miles from their home? How can they sleep at night knowing that overweight men will be eating sausages while wearing funny hats and plotting their next insurrection?

A guy from the club chimed in to clarify that they weren’t endorsing the event, they just don’t discriminate based on political viewpoints. To the surprise of absolutely nobody the woke mob did not accept this response.

Yea Jim, why didn’t you refuse the money that your business was offered? Didn’t you know that it’s your moral obligation to only allow events that fun people like Lisa Cronin agree with? Black and white filters matter!

Lisa seems really offended because I guess she’s a lesbian, and the existence of these guys is like, an existential threat to her, or something.

“They will never see my business again.”

Oh no, the gun club will never see this face again.

Their business model is completely destroyed!

Jim Hackett pointed out that they don’t “judge or discriminate against people,” which apparently “speaks volumes for your organization,” according to April Armstrong Campbell.

If you’re not judging or discriminating against people then April will be judging you. And she’s always watching.


Jim was really confused.

Luckily Nancy Pratt was there to set him straight.

Oh no! They want to “return America to Constitutional rule.” Not the Constitution! I don’t know what that means and neither does she, but it sounds hateful!

I had no idea until I read these comments that several police officers had their eyes gouged out on January 6, which makes it an insurrection.

And elected officials got MURDERED!

Now the woman with the transgender cat isn’t going to rent their gun range for her next birthday party!

Hey Nancy, for a woman who claims to be a trans ally it’s not cool to assume that Ken has a penis just because he’s a boy.


Jessica Markowitz told the owner that they should’ve refused to rent their privately owned business to a hate group that led an insurrection, which seems hypocritical since every major institution embraced black lives matter while they burned American cities to the ground last summer and called for the abolition of police, prisons, and the nuclear family.

“BLM is the same as people attacking the U.S. Capitol.” (sarcasm)

I agree with her – they’re not the same. Everyone with a brain knows that what BLM did was a million times worse, led to many more deaths, and significantly more property damage. The Capitol is fine. The Minneapolis Police Department no longer exists because it was burned to the ground. And even though she supported these gigantic mob protests in the middle of a pandemic Jessica still demanded that everyone else “stay the f*** home.”

You could get COVID-19!

And look who else showed up to express her dismay….

Diane “Pinot-crazy-ho” Williamson. Haven’t heard from her since that time she illegally used her friend’s AAA card and then shamed and humiliated the tow driver by posting a picture of his butt crack on Facebook.

She finds a social gathering appalling, but is cool with posting some poor guys noodz on Facebook. Makes sense.

Now some young buck named Tristan on the Board of Selectmen wants the townsfolk to call up and harass this place for not discriminating against the super fun circle jerk group.

Calm your tits Tristan, it’s just a social gathering of like minded people.

You’ll be OK, I promise. So will everyone else.

Good for the club for not cancelling. The mob only has power when you give it to them. If you simply tell these people no they’ll realize that no matter how outraged they are free people have a right to associate with whoever they want.


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