Whitman Man With Savage Name Ruins Date Night In Plymouth By Assaulting Restaurant Staff And Cops, Throwing Bottles


This is Guy Savage from Whitman.

Usually we have to come up with creative names for the people who appear in our blogs, but Guy Savage’s mother did that for us.

Guy owns a company called Savage Painting.

And with a name like Guy Savage it was really only a matter of time until he ended up on Turtleboy. All it took to push him over the edge and make his debut was a Wednesday night dinner out in Plymouth where he was asked to leave due to his savage behavior, then began assaulting staff, throwing beer bottles at innocent customers, and assaulting cops before finally being taken down by a taser.

They didn’t say which restaurant it was, but in a video we were sent of the incident it appears to be something classy and near the water, since there were ample amounts of Adirondack chairs and collared shirts, and a lack of fupa and full sleeve tattoos.



Pretty sure this wasn’t the first time Gal Savage had a romantic dinner cut short because her partner declared war on an entire restaurant full of people. She tried her best to keep him at bay.

But when your name is Guy Savage you don’t just leave a restaurant without assaulting multiple people and throwing beer bottles at strangers.

The real hero appears to be an elderly patron who put on a button down shirt and some slacks for a lovely night out with the wife, only to end up tossing around Guy Savage like a rag doll and choking him into submission before the cops arrived.

At the end you could hear Guy Savage screaming “stop choking me,” but South Shore Santa Claus showed no mercy. Meanwhile Gal Savage was making pretty much no attempt to free him, because this is likely a typical Wednesday night date night for her. She did seem to be flirting with Larry the Stable guy at the end though.

Guy Savage is lucky that South Shore Santa got ahold of him instead Mindy Margarita, who was clearly out for blood and had to be dragged away by her boyfriend:

Just another date night in Plymouth.


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