Whitman Personal Trainer Gets Catfished After Price Gouging Clorox Wipes For $250, Threatens Lawsuit If We Publish This Blog


Ryan Mandeville is a Whitman resident who owns a personal training business.


For some reason he thought it would be wise to price gouge Clorox wipes for $250, using his real name, which had his business linked to it.

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Wicked smart business move.

Side note – when he says the “Mandeville Method” and “hands on learning experience” (which isn’t creepy at all), all I can think of is this man.

If you wanna live in a butcher shop, Izzy Mandelbaum will treat you like a piece of meat.

Price gouging is a morally bankrupt thing to do, but at the same time anyone who is willing to spend $250 on Clorox wipes wasn’t meant to have money in the first place. Ryan did find a buyer, but little did he realize he was being catfished by a guy named John Roy.

John is the hero we need right now. Watch what happened.

I didn’t think he could possibly look any worse, but then when John offered him $100 (which is still an outrageous price) he went and said this.

“I’ve got 10 people making me offers right now.”

No. Just no.

Thanks to social media predators like this get called out quickly for their deplorable behavior, and John Roy’s post went south shore viral. That in turn led to old posts becoming unearthed, and unhappy customers coming forward.

Shocking that a man who sees nothing wrong with selling Clorox wipes for $250 during a pandemic would have so many people with negative things to say about his business.

This explains a lot.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Libertarians are cancer. They are worse than Cape Cod sharks and Chinese coronavirus combined. A Libertarian is nothing more than an anarchist who can regurgitate some, but not all Republican talking points. If you take any of their ideas to their logical conclusion it always ends in anarchy, and yes selling Clorox wipes for $250 would fit into that ideology. He’s not wrong about that. What this crisis has done is spotlight everything that is wrong with Libertarian mindset.

I also noticed that he is still selling a Groupon for the Mandeville Method.

I decided to give him a call and see if he’d still sell it to me (he was), but when I told him I was from Turtleboy the conversation turned sour.

“I’ve suffered enough already, for whatever is left of my business you would absolutely destroy me.”

I’m commenting on your public post, which was predatory and shitty. I didn’t destroy you, your beloved free market did.

Then he played this card:

“This would incite violence and people would threaten me even more. I could sue you for damages for doing this. I’ve got a lawyer sir, please do not do a story on me. It would threaten my safety. If you make an article about this it would incite violence towards me. It will harm me, it will not be worth it for you. I will call my lawyer and we can go down that path.”

As I pointed out to him, he is the worst Libertarian ever. Actually, scratch that. He is EVERY Libertarian ever. They are massive hypocrites who whine about rights and liberties, but have no problem demanding that people like me give up my rights (to free speech) because it could “incite violence.” And by now we know that the ol’ “this will incite violence against me” is nothing more than a tool that shady people use to try to silence legitimate criticism of their deplorable actions. He also threatened me with legal action, because apparently his belief in civil liberties ends at the First Amendment.

He was concerned about the nature of the blog:

“You’ll put me in the spotlight to make me look ridiculous.”

Almost as ridiculous as selling Clorox wipes for $250. Almost.

“I’ve had threats for people beating me up.”

Boo. Hoo. Come live life as Turtleboy for a day and then whine about death threats.

“Your post will cause violence.”

Will the words jump out of your iPhone and punch you in the face? No? Then they won’t cause violence. As Libertarians are quick to point out, the individual is responsible for their own actions. If someone threatens you then call the police. Don’t silence people from talking about the crappy things you did.

When it was clear that I would be writing the blog anyway he issued the following statement.

“I made a mistake and took it down immediately. People began reposting it and I received threats of violence. I’m going to donate the wipes to the hospital to the Brigham and Women’s hospital.”

If he really does it then it once again proves that public shaming works. Unfortunately he followed it up with a last comment that led me to believe he still didn’t get it.

“They were selling for $350 on EBay.”

See Ryan, that’s not you taking responsibility. It’s you making more excuses, which further validates my opinion that you still don’t see how shitty your actions were. Perhaps you should take some classes in how not to run a business, and you can submit this blog for required reading.


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