Widow Of Milford Firefighter Who Killed Himself After Years Of Cheating With His Coworkers And Emotional Abuse Has Been Partying While Blaming MFD 


Patrick Evans was a well liked 37 year old Milford firefighter and father of three who tragically died on December 15, 2019.

Although it was not publicized, he took his own life. We received more messages about this story than any story we’ve published all year, but chose not to write about it initially, and you’ll see why.

This is Patrick and his wife Nicki.

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That was before the weight loss surgery of course.

In the wake of his death a plethora of friends and firefighters contacted us, and they were upset because she allegedly was emotionally abusive and cheated on him frequently with other members of the fire and police department in Milford. In 2014 after he caught her the first time he took time off for mental health and posted this on Facebook.

But he worked on their marriage, despite her having a profile on a cheaters website.

This doesn’t prove anything, but this post from a fellow Milford firefighter who was sleeping with his wife three years ago does. Note Patrick’s comment underneath.

“Brothers don’t cheat with other brothers wives behind their back. Thanks for ruining a family.”

Multiple friends of his have relayed this story about an incident at a Bruins game.

I thought it was interesting that the state police were involved in the investigation, so I asked why that was on a Milford Facebook group, without mentioning infidelity.

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I was summarily destroyed by people telling me that it was none of my business. One of the men who told me to mind my own business was the same firefighter who was having sex with his wife and posted that image above. I was kind enough not to put his name in this blog, despite his rudeness.

Everyone in the Milford area was talking about this story. It was tragic because Patrick Evans was by all accounts a great friend and father who left three kids behind 10 days before Christmas. But they were also talking about it because everyone in town knew that his wife was a first responder pass around.

But was it blogworthy? I debated this with Bristol and others. I thought it was, they thought it wasn’t because it was too personal. They also pointed out that ultimately he made the choice to kill himself. Fair enough. But my question, which I posed on Facebook, was why was Michelle Carter sitting in a jail cell for sending text messages, but this woman could drive her husband insane by sleeping with half of his “brothers” (and she was banging a Milford cop at the time) to the point that he took his own life?

There was a lot of debate about this topic. To me, the Michelle Carter case opened this bag of worms, and it’s why I opposed her guilty finding. If you say that another person can cause a suicide, where does that line end? This woman knew her husband was troubled.

She knew he had seen things on the job that might’ve played a part in his mental state.

She knew that cheating on him with people he had to work with every day would drive him nuts.

She knew he owned a gun.

But she just kept doing it anyway, and now he’s dead.

His wake was controversial too. Unlike most firefighters he was not put in the casket in his uniform. She also played Lizzo on repeat. I’m not kidding. Lizzo. At a wake.

The song choice? Truth Hurts. The tale of a morbidly obese woman who couldn’t be tied down to one man. Sounds familiar.

She insists that she lost all this weight because she’ a “fitness mom” who eats healthy.

But sources tell us that she lost it all seemingly overnight.

I didn’t write about it though because it was too borderline. I did message her and she looked much worse:

I might’ve seemed insensitive for badgering a woman just a few days after her husband died, but she was already posting pictures of herself out partying, just like she always does.

This was two weeks after he died.


She’s also collecting his pension, and she’ll be financially set for life now.

Luckily he had taken care of all the Christmas shopping before he passed.

Here’s her first Facebook post a couple days after he died.

“He did what he had to do, and at the time what he thought what was best for our kids.”

When I first read that my jaw dropped. What was best for the kids would be having their father alive, but she liked cheating on him way too much to let that happen. Now she’s actively lying to her children about what happened. If my Mom cheated on my Dad and he killed himself, and she didn’t tell me, I would hate her forever.

Every post she has made since (and there have been a lot) has used his death to get people to feel bad for her, or glorified her life of partying while “grieving.” And everyone in town was talking.


Nicki Evans joined some grieving mother groups, but every time someone posts about their personal tragedy, she always chimes in by tagging the husband she repeatedly cheated on.



Also should be noted that the latest cop she was sleeping with had a girlfriend himself, and she killed herself a couple months before Patrick Evans did.

After the Lizzo-fest at the wake a lot of people were rightfully pissed. She wrote a long manifesto telling them off.

She posts stuff like that so she can get responses like this.

She joined a group called Reach Out and Rise for people who lost family members and need support. In one post she blames the fire department for not doing enough to prevent him from killing himself.


It’s not her fault though – it’s the fire department’s. Although I would argue that anyone low enough to sleep with the wife of someone whose life is in your hands, isn’t someone I’d want to run into a fire with.

Here’s another post she made in there recently about how she’s “so mad at Daddy.”

She gets what she wants every time she posts – attention.

She still hasn’t told the kids what happened, and she may not ever.

Last month she messed up when she made a pity post and said, “I will never forget the look on his face when he loaded the gun.”

But she supposedly wasn’t there when he killed himself. The details are still clear as the State Police would not release the report. But every other account she has told involved her coming home to find him dead. The night before they got into a fight at a Christmas party because she was drinking and being affectionate with someone else, and the police were called the previous day.

She’s now back out there looking to get her swerve on.

And she’s got a new boyfriend already who likes to grab her gerber servers and post pictures of it on Facebook.

“Sometimes people come to you for certain reasons.”

Yea, and in this case that reason is you drove your husband to suicide. But even if he were alive you’d probably sleep with this guy anyway. So brave. So strong.

Of course he line of work kind of sums up how we got here in the first place.

CNA. Of course.

I normally don’t do cheaters blogs, and if your wife cheats on you and you want me to blog about it I’m not going to do it. However, if you kill yourself after five or six years of emotional and psychological abuse, and your wife pretends to be a grieving widow for Facebook likes for the next two months without telling your children what really happened, I might blog about her. But I’d rather you just live.


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