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Wife Of Manchester Dad Who Sexted 13 Year Old Sells Him Out On Police Facebook Page To Repair Her Image From Friend’s Funeral GoFundMe Scam


This is Ryan Gentley, a father of 3 from Manchester.

He has previous charges from back in 2010 and 2011, including felonious sexual assault, domestic violence, criminal threatening, and simple assault.

But this woman decided she was going to marry him anyway and bare his children.

Krystal Gentley became Internet famous in 2016 when she was charged with fraud after raising over $5,000 for her friend’s funeral expenses, and then skipping all the funeral services and blowing the money she raised on weight reduction surgery. The victim’s own family shared and donated to the fundraiser, and she was sentenced to 6 months in jail.


What a lowlife. How you gonna steal money from a grieving family, get a puppy and liposuction, and still look like you’re gonna eat your husband after mating with him?

She did her time, but someone must’ve cheated along the way because on a 2019 Facebook picture he posted you can see in the comments that they used to have a shared account.

“Ryan N Krystal.”

Usually that means someone pulled a Tom Mountain, but in this case she probably just was too humiliated to use her real name on social media.

Well, the Gentley family is back in the news thanks to the fact that Ryan was caught sexting with a 13 year old on Facebook.

I mean…..

I could’ve told you that guy was into little kids from the chin strap and Little Mermaid pants for men. He’s also got an 11 year old daughter with another woman, who Krystal said she had to spend the stolen GoFundMe on for Christmas, despite the fact that the girl has her own Mom.

Anyway, Charlie Chomo stayed loyal to her when she went to jail, but it looks like she’s back on Facebook and won’t be doing the same for him. As a matter of fact she’s using this incident to make herself seem like a responsible parent by selling him down the river on the Manchester Police Facebook page by bragging about calling the cops on him.

That’s one way to rebrand your image.

“I did what I could to protect us from my husband.”

I would argue the troubling part is you were so willing to look past his felonious sexual assault charge and chose to conceive a child with him anyway. Then again, you’re a pretty shitty person yourself, so maybe you two deserve each other.



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