Poor Behavior

Wilmington Man Accused Of Beating Girlfriend Claims Self Defense, Says He Accidentally Backhanded Her With His Fist


This is Cameron Burns from Wilmington.

He’s good buddies with this fella on the left.

You may recognize Tyler Byrne as one of Rizzy’s backup dancers from the Billerica elementary school playground rap video.

They do bro stuff together.

Burnouts, bikes, and boards. These gentlemen have life by the balls.

A few months ago Tyler was complaining that a man beat up his sister, which was pretty horrible. But now it looks like his homie Cam is into the same sort of stuff.

Normally I’m hesitant to blog about something like this based solely on a Facebook post. However, Cameron Burns seems to have a thing for punching chicks in the face.

Then there’s the fact that his dawg has officially turned on him.

And his confession on Instagram showing his conversation with Tyler.



He actually thought that this conversation with Tyler would convince people that he dindu nuffin (he’s in the red).

To summarize:

  • Deez hoes always be tryna make Tyler jealous by grabbing Cam’s baby maker
  • Tyler’s ho got upset about this and invited him inside under the pretext of losing her laptop
  • There was no quote on quote laptop, and the whole thing was a set up so she could start slapping him for allowing one of Tyler’s hoes to grab his junk
  • The back of his hand fingers knuckles accidentally made contact with her face and did all that damage
  • It wasn’t OK but it was OK because he was wicked pissed

And just in case you didn’t think he was awful enough, he describes himself as “dudes with good dick.”

He’s a grown man who still refers to his friends as “my boys,” and “gang.”

Pretty much everyone he knows rocks a chin strap.

He has dreams about blowing money on scratch tickets.

He drinks 40’s.

He blames all of his relationship problems on his crazy ex.

And he refers to women as “females” and “train wrecking whores” who stick their nose in his business and warn their friends to stay away from domestic abusing scum like him.

Perhaps he learned to behave like this from watching his Dad.

Ya know, because in 2015 his pa dukes killed his ex-wife and threw himself out of a 9 story building in order to avoid going to jail for the rest of his life.

A murder/suicide – in which a husband allegedly killed his estranged wife and jumped out of a building – occurred in Wakefield on Sunday. A statement from the District Attorney’s office says Daniel Burns, 42, of Wakefield, repeatedly stabbed Christine Giordano, 45, of Malden, then committed suicide via leaping from the ninth story window of 95 Audubon Rd. Giordano managed to make it down to the lobby of the building before passing. Burns had two restraining orders out in Middlesex County, though neither pertained to Giordano.

He learns from the best.

Oh well, at least he’s got this guy on his side.

Just to clarify, if a crazy woman starts smacking you in the face, the best move is to prevent her from doing so and just walk away. You’re a guy. You’re bigger and stronger than her. You can grab her hands, prevent her from striking you, and still avoid punching her in the face “accidentally” with your backhand. It’s really not that hard. But if you constantly find yourself with “crazy” women, perhaps it might be you who is partly crazy too.

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