Wilmington Middle School Teacher Shames Parents On Twitter For Wanting Her To Risk Her Life By Teaching Their Children In Person


Theresa Fisher is a middle school teacher in Wilmington.

She’s also an outspoken union leader who really doesn’t want kids in her town to receive a quality, in-person education, as you can see on her Twitter feed. She believes that we shouldn’t reopen schools until the virus no longer exists.

In fairness, she’s just following Team Lockdown’s beliefs to their logical conclusion. As long as the virus exists it will spread when people go out in public. Draconian lockdowns and masks did nothing to stop the spread. We can either do what Sweden did and live our lives while protecting the most vulnerable, or we can stay at home, destroy our economy, increase suicide rates, and leave vulnerable students without a quality education. There hasn’t been a single death in Sweden from COVID in over a week, nor has a single person in Sweden been sent to the ICU.

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Yet instead of following this wildly successful model we have chosen to keep doing what has clearly not worked for six months. These people hate when you bring up Sweden because they do not want to come to terms with the fact that this lockdown was a grandma killing waste of time that permanently closed hundreds of thousands of businesses and destroyed the healthiest economy in American history. COVID didn’t do that, our governors did.

Theresa gets paid either way so she’s in no rush to get back to school. She’s also more susceptible to the virus because she’s clearly not healthy.

This is the conversation the coronabros don’t want to have because it’s uncomfortable and hurts people’s feelings – we are shutting down society to protect people who let themselves go. People who spent years eating healthy and exercising have to be punished in order to protect those who did not. And instead of Dr. Fauci telling Americans how they can get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle so as not to be as susceptible to the virus, he told us all to sit in our homes and hope the virus goes away.

Theresa apparently thinks it’s normal and acceptable to live in a world where her two year old doesn’t play with any kids for 6 months, step foot in a store, or play on a playground.


She doesn’t let her husband hug his daughter.

She’s admittedly high risk.

And she’s made it perfectly clear that she plans on fear mongering and shaming you if you want your kid to go to school.

“I am willing to exercise my rights because I’m not willing to leave my 2 year old daughter without a mother to potentially die a lonely, painful death early to teach your kid IN PERSON because you say so.”

Translation – she’s putting her concerns over yours. She still expects you to pay her her full salary though.

It’s like these people have no idea where their salary comes from. Sorry Theresa, but your poor lifestyle choices that have turned you into a “high risk” person aren’t my problem. I’m not greedy because I want my kid to be in school. You’re selfish because you’ve put your own health concerns regarding a virus that has almost no chance of killing even someone like you, over the well being of your students. You get paid no matter what, but now the parents of your students will be forced to quit their jobs in order to sit at home and monitor your students for you. You should be down on your knees thanking these people instead of speaking to them in a condescending manner on Twitter.

It’s ironic because four years ago Theresa was featured in an article in the newspaper about all the great hands on learning that was taking place in her science labs, something that cannot happen on a Zoom call. Look at the great things she had to say about the importance of hands on activities in science class.

Theresa Fisher has been teaching science at the middle school since 2000. She said the fair has come a long way. Younger students see seventh-graders taking part in the fair and look forward to it.

“They [Analog engineers] incorporate something new each year. The 3-D printer is new this year,” she said. “At the end of the school year, we survey the kids. The science and tech fair always stands out.

“It’s all about exposure at this age as to what they’ll do in the future,” said Fisher.

She’s right – their future is determined by exposure, which they aren’t getting sitting in their homes. But again, she comes first.

Every time a parent or taxpayer brings this up she takes to Twitter to screenshot their comments and mock them. For instance, she got really upset when someone pointed out that not all members of the union are as embarrassing and ridiculous as she is.

I have teachers in my inbox every single day telling me they want to go back, and certainly the vast majority of parents want to. They’d all do it if you told them they weren’t getting paid, or had to take a salary cut to teach remotely. But when you let people get paid the same amount to stay home then a lot of them see no incentive to take the small chance that they could get sick from COVID by returning.

Funny though, she has no problem with union members protesting in-person learning, in person.

Thank God they’re covering their face with a piece of fabric that a 8 year old in Laos made by hand in a sweatshop. No way COVID is getting by that impenetrable force of nature.


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