Woburn Mother Threatens To Drown Teen Boy After Claiming That Her White Daughter Was Threatened With Death And Assaulted Due To The Color Of Her Skin


Danielle Gangi is a mother from Woburn.

Earlier in the week she accused some 13 year old boys of assaulting and threatening to kill her daughter and friends due solely to the color of their skin. She freely admitted that she took matters into her own hands when she found out what allegedly happened.

Just to review, this woman did not witness any of this, took her daughter’s story completely at her word, and then hunted down a bunch of children in response.

Perfectly normal way to handle a situation like that. I’m sure the boys definitely told the young lady, “we are going to kill you because you are black.”

Except there’s just one problem – her kid isn’t black, but the kid who allegedly did this is Latino. We know this because one of the teen’s sisters posted a response and included a video of Momma Meatloaf threatening to drown the boy, and according to the sister Danielle’s boyfriend was there with an ankle bracelet on telling these kids he wasn’t afraid to kill them all.

Here she is confronting the kid.

“I know my laws dude, this is what I do for a living. I will drown you if you come within 2 inches of my daughter.”

Law expert.

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With a degree in law expertise from the Salter School.

The boyfriend Keven Canada sure seems like a swell fella.

Just because your mother’s new boyfriend is black doesn’t make you a person of color dear.

Many initially believed her first post because white people right now are deftly afraid to publicly disbelieve any allegation of racism, even if there is no evidence of it. That changed when the video was published and public opinion began to turn on Danielle. Nevertheless she persisted in being the angry Momma bear, and made it clear that she meant it when she said she would drown a child.

Its not the first time she’s done something like this either. Last year she claimed that her daughter (who you can clearly see in the images is white, and thus would not be murdered for being a minority) got beat up by a boy on the bus, and she wanted to pull her daughter permanently out of school until the other kid was banned.

Translation – her daughter got in a fight with a boy on the bus, both took part, and her kid ran home and told Mom she was bullied. Almost as if this child is well aware that her mother automatically believes her and raises Hell on the Internet before finding out what actually happened.

Danielle posted the emails she sent to the principal, vowing to call her attorney on retainer if they sent a truant officer after her, since she would no longer be sending the child to school.

Whenever people send me stories like this I assume the parents are lying about something. If your kid is having problems at school and your initial instinct is to post about it on Facebook with a picture of your kid, I assume you’re part of the problem right away. Especially if your goal is to make the post “go viral” instead of dealing with it privately with the school.

That post incited other people to threaten to assault a 10 year old boy too.

That’s just kind of her thing.

The school ended up filing a 51A on her because she wouldn’t send her daughter to school, and the Mayor wouldn’t return her emails.

And in an ironic twist of fate she was excited about the prospect of TB writing about her story.

Looks like she got he wish after all. But the thing about that is, we have a way of sniffing out the truth and figuring out who the ratchet is. And if your kid is always the victim, and you’re always using social media to shame other kids, and it’s always the system’s fault, and there’s video out there of you threatening to drown a kid, then you’re probably not going to like the way the blog on you turns out.


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