Woman And Sister Raise $30K When Husband Mysteriously Commits Suicide After Moving To Florida And Living In Mansions 


This is Amber Biddle, AKA Amber McMahon, and her husband Mark McMahon, originally from Latrobe, PA.

They moved to St. Petersburg with their three children and were living the good life until last week. However, according to a viral Facebook post with a GoFundMe from Amber on August 27, Mark went missing, left a suicide note, and his boat was found by police.

Hours later he was dead and Amber suddenly realized that she was homeless, unemployed, and “walking on wobbly knees and this damn piss and vinegar that’s been my detriment so many times” to raise the kids by herself.

A couple hours later came the GoFundMe started by her sister Melanie Dudzenski which has raised over $30K.

I thought this was odd for a number of reasons:

  • There wasn’t a single picture of the him with the kids in the GoFundMe or on her Facebook page
  • She didn’t say what this “scam” was
  • She somehow was unaware that he was a scammer despite admittedly living a “lavish” lifestyle.
  • She can’t even afford boxes?
  • When I saw this Sunday night there was no obituary, and the only ones I could find were from Nigeria
  • I called St. Pete’s police to see if they had found a man who committed suicide or a boat left running in the water, and the Sheriff’s office told me they had not
  • After getting a lot of questions from people an obituary was put up yesterday, but it’s gone now (Editor’s note – it’s been put back up since we published this blog)

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On top of that Amber’s sister Melanie, her brother in law Chris, and parents Chris and Danielle all moved to Florida to work on his “business” and live on the water.

This is the $2 million home Amber and Mark were living in.

This is the $7,000 a month house Melanie and her husband Chris were renting after packing up their stuff, leaving Arizona and NOT selling their Arizona home.


Chris is in his 20’s but allegedly has acquired all this wealth as the owner of Dudzenski Health LLC, which appears to be a spammy weight loss company.

They constantly post pictures of people who have lost lots of weight by buying whatever it is they’re selling.


Except on all of their before and after names for clients they never list a last name, many of the posts don’t get a single like, and when they do it’s never the client featured.

The parents allegedly retired and got rid of their home in Pennsylvania before moving to their oceanfront property as well.

But yet we are to believe that they all blindly packed up everything and put their faith in Mark McMahon, who mysteriously killed himself, and they suddenly found out that he couldn’t afford to buy them ocean front mansions to live in.

Amber is unable to get any help from her parents, who seem to be financially sound in their own right if they were able to retire without getting involved in the alleged “scam.” Instead of offering help they’re sharing the GoFundMe.

Two days after he allegedly died Amber was talking about moving back home.

Three days later her photography business page announced that she was moving back home.

She also immediately changed her name back to Amber Biddle and got rid of her business page Amber McMahon photography.

Her Amber Biddle photography page didn’t get much traffic, likes, or comments until she began posting stuff like this since her husband allegedly died.

And when you search for Amber’s name you also find a fake obituary.

Meanwhile her sister Melanie says that she’s withdrawing all the money from the GoFundMe because Amber can’t due to debts that she just found out about.

If Amber owed a lot of debt and couldn’t get this $30K from GoFundMe, it sounds illegal to admit that you’re withdrawing the money for her and handing it over to her in a “secure account.”

But wait, there’s more.

Mark McMahon was also a married pastor with 3 kids from a different woman, and Amber was one of his volunteers who he cheated on his wife with before knocking out three more of his own with Amber. Here’s a story about them from 2011 when he was still married to his first wife.

People started asking for food not long after Mark McMahon opened the doors to the nondenominational The Way Church in Latrobe back in 2009.

“We are finding out that there are hungry families who are already on government assistance programs and are participating in some kind of food bank, and they are still hungry,” Mr. McMahon said. “So we found out that there is a pressing need for a place where these people can get free meals.”

“We have different jobs for everyone and they rotate throughout the evening so that everyone can get a chance to do things,” said volunteer Amber Biddle, 21, of Latrobe. “We have people at the serving bar, others who waitress and others who welcome people and even sit down with them if they come in alone. There are people behind the scenes doing dishes, and others work upstairs in the clothing closet organizing things and helping people to find what they need.”

Her sister Melanie, 18, is the volunteer coordinator and sister Emily, 15, also helps. Their mother, Danielle, is the church’s business manager. Miss Biddle’s father, Chris, also helps out behind the scenes as does Mr. McMahon’s wife, Jean, and their three children.

Oh, and she is also a pastor!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, he also got called out for pretending to be a black belt.

Ironically Amber posted this the day before she posted that her husband died.

“If you don’t wanna be dirt poor, be rich instead.”

This is basically how they lived their life and we are to believe that a 30 year old woman didn’t think to ask any questions.

I’ve spoken with family members of Mark McMahon who state that he is in fact dead, and that he killed himself because he found out he was about to be indicted for taking money from investors and blowing it on the lifestyle he was living. No one seems to know how he did that or who he stole from, and these are all questions Amber should probably be answering while she collects $30K on a GoFunMe via her sister because she can’t withdraw any money herself.

The bottom line is these people are not being honest that they didn’t know Mark McMahon was a scammer. They were either in on it or went along with it because they like nice things. Entire families do not uproot their lives to move to Florida because the pastor who knocked up their pastor sister said he had a good business idea. They don’t move into ocean front mansions on a whim without asking questions. And when they start raising $30K because they’re all of a sudden homeless, you shouldn’t donate a penny to them until they’re completely transparent about what is going on.


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