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Woman Contacts Bridgewater Police Over Blog Featuring Facebook Post She Made About Brockton City Official Attending Maskless Party At Her House


This is Beth Proman-Curtin from Bridgewater.

Last week screenshots of Facebook posts she made appeared on TB because she had a party with at least 10 people at her house, no one was wearing masks, and one of the people was Brockton’s Director of Constituent services John Messia.

This seemed hypocritical since Brockton Mayor Bob Sullivan recently closed all gyms in town during their busiest time of year, ignoring the science that 0.06% of COVID transmissions occur in gyms, while 74% occur in homes. On top of that the Mayor specifically urged people not to gather in groups like this.

What I’m trying to say is, we’re in a surge right now, so for the next three weeks — my executive order is in effect for three weeks — we need to try stay home. We should not congregate. We are hopeful that the mechanisms in place will help limit the spread.”

Yes his own administration, who he comes in regular contact with, was ignoring his own stupid rules while people lose their livelihoods.

Shortly after publishing the blog I heard from Beef Curtain Betty who informed me that she was going to the cops because I published screenshots of her publicly viewable Facebook posts on my blog about a city official and matters of public concern.

Gym owners are jealous of her because they’re losing all this money, and people can’t exercise while she’s throwing super spreader events with city officials. That’s all this is about – jealousy.

“I have nothing to do with any of this bullshit.”

Yea, except you kind of do because it was at your house.

“My page is not public.”

Then how did I see your posts? Also, I don’t think you understand what private means dear. Nothing on Facebook is ever private. Ever.

“I’m not one of those scumbags you write about.”

Correct, you’re actually worse. Ratchets at least amuse me. You and your friends are what I call “tyrants,” because you’re complicit in destroying people’s lives.

But it’s OK when she does it because she’s been with these 10 people throughout the entire pandemic.

Ya got that? Those 10 people have been living with each other for 10 months and no one has come in contact with anyone else. They’re basically family with different last names. They also took precautions, which included not wearing masks and standing close to each other indoors. Plus, they’re in their 50’s and 60’s and one of them is 72 so they can’t spread the virus.

She continued to make herself sound worse somehow.

Guys, if you all just bought Peloton bikes for $3K you wouldn’t need a gym. After 300 months it pays for itself.

She then pointed out that gyms outside of Brockton were open, so you can just go to a new gym.

Because that will help the Brockton gym owner pay his bills, and a 30 minute commute to Middleboro to workout is reasonable.

She kept trying to pin it on Mayor Sullivan and said that John Messia is just doing his job by being complicit in the tyranny.

If you participate in this tyranny and collect a check while doing so then you’re part of the problem. You don’t get to hide behind the “following orders” nonsense. Your orders are destroying people’s lives for something you clearly don’t believe in yourself. Try getting a real job instead of sucking off government and you might finally understand how horrific these lockdowns are for business owners.

I have reached out to Mayor Sullivan and CC’d Messia for comment but have not heard back.

He will likely continue to cover for his pal and not address it until a mainstream media outlet like the Brockton Enterprise asks him about it. Of course he knows they probably won’t because if there’s one thing entrenched, hypocritical politicians can count on it’s the media not to hold them accountable. Feel free to email Mayor Sullivan yourself and see if you have more luck than I did.

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