Woman Contacts WHDH To Smear Good Samaritan In Watertown For Erasing Violent Rhetoric Aimed At Police 


Seven years ago in Watertown the police hunted down and killed one of the Boston Marathon terrorists and captured the other alive. They were hailed as heroes and people thanked them for keeping us safe, but apparently the townsfolk now think they are racist killers because a rogue cop in Minnesota killed George Floyd. Keep in mind, this is a town where 1.7% of the population is black, and people move there to be close to Boston, while not actually having to live in Boston where actual diversity exists.

WHDH: A woman confronted a man mopping up messages of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in Watertown, sparking a First Amendment debate. On a bike ride through Watertown Square, Mary Burns stopped to question a man using a mop and bucket to wash away chalk messages of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and recorded their encounter.

“I said, ‘Why are you doing that?’ And he said, ‘It is offensive and divisive and I am exercising my First Amendment rights.’ And I said, ‘Well you are erasing everyone else’s First Amendment rights,’” Burns recalled. “‘So black lives don’t matter, just your life matters?’”

The man washed away the word “black” in “Black Lives Matter” and before she started recording, Burns said the man used the mop to erase the names of George Floyd and a number of others.

That man, who wore a full-face mask, later spoke to 7NEWS, identifying himself as David.

He said, “I didn’t stop anyone from writing words on the sidewalk in this area but it is also my right to erase those words with a wet mop. As an American citizen, I believe in the right to express yourself,” he continued. “I am, in a social sense, colorblind. I do not recognize any race or people.”

Burns had called the act “outrageous” earlier in the day.

“I don’t know what could be so wrong with writing down the names of young black men who are victims of police brutality,” she said.

The messages were rewritten by others and Burns said that was symbolic of the Black Lives Matter movement’s staying power.

“Can you not acknowledge killing anyone, unarmed, is bad, and is your hatred so bad you cannot allow these men and women be honored in chalk,” Burns posited.

The best part of that interview was Mary Burns deep soulful look down at the ground before she began laying on the fake tears.

My kids fake cry to me all the time when they don’t get their way. Even they shook their heads in disappointment at that performance.

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The fact that the mainstream media considers this news is everything that is wrong with the mainstream media. This woman, who doesn’t even live in Watertown, couldn’t mind her business on a bike ride, harassed an innocent man, and then sought out the media to shame him on their platform. She was quite proud of herself.

But WHDH couldn’t be bothered to report on the whole story because it wouldn’t fit their narrative. Had they done just the least bit of actual journalism they would’ve discovered that this man also erased these messages.


Kill cops.

Defund the pigs.

Anarchy logo.

F*** 12.

F*** the Police.

All cops are bastards.

It’s a real shame he erased all of those wonderful messages of peace and unity. Good thing the media focused on him erasing the “black” from black lives matter, because perhaps he believes in the very racist notion that all lives matter.

WHDH even caught some of these lovely messages in their video.

ACAB = all cops are bastards.

Defund the police.

Good cops quit.

But they forgot to mention those in their reporting, and instead villainized the good citizen while turning this virtue signaling menopausal white woman with too much time on her hands into the protagonist.

Newsflash – if you’re writing positive message about love and equality next to messages about killing cops and defunding the police, your’e not as noble as you think you are.

This was my favorite part.

She called the cops and couldn’t believe that they didn’t come. Remember, these are the same people who were crying a week or so ago when a white woman called the cops on a black guy in Central Park. But calling the cops on an old white guy who’s cleaning up inflammatory, violent rhetoric on a public sidewalk is OK. Guess we’re only allowed to waste the cop’s time if the person minding their own business isn’t a member of a designated oppressed group. So much for the narrative that white women like Mary Burns only do this to black people. Had she called the cops on a black man cleaning up offensive messages of hate on the sidewalks then this would’ve bene a vey, very different story from WHDH.

Mary Burns’ of the world are not nearly as virtuous as they think they are. People like this aren’t fixing anything, and all they’re really trying to do is shame and hurt innocent people who are actually making their community a less hateful place by erasing message encouraging violence and hatred of the cops. They are attention seeking narcissists and should be called out for their deplorable behavior.


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