Woman Holds Up Traffic After Being Triggered By Blue Lives Matter Rally In Worcester


Yesterday there was a small “back the blue” rally in Worcester that was throw together. I was surprised that there were no counter protesters, even though Worcester is a somewhat moderate city where the people haven’t completely lost their minds and the vast majority of citizens believe the police are doing a good job. It was nice to City Councillors Kate Toomey and Candy Carlson there to be on the right side of history.

I’ve been extremely critical of both of them in the past, but I’m known for my fairness, so I’ll be more than happy to credit them for showing leadership when it was needed the most. Unlike City Councillors Sarai Rivera, Khyrstian King, and Gary Rosen, who sold their souls to black lives matter and voted to defund the police.

Speaking of Pastor Sarai, I was talking about her on the live show Thursday night when I realized I had her phone number. So I called her for comment, thinking there was no way she would answer, but then she did at the 17:30 mark.


I’m kicking myself for not having more questions for her. Like, “how come you want the city to tear down the Columbus statue, but you don’t want the city to tear down the eyesore/death trap you call a church on Austin Street?”


Or, “why did you feel it necessary to say that your vagina could do things a penis never could during a City Council meeting, and do you still feel that way?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.14.28 PM

Or, “I noticed that you’re a pastor, so I was wondering in what Bible passage Jesus left a voicemail for his sister telling him that her kids called her ti ti ho.”

But I choked up and didn’t ask her any of those things because I never thought she’d actually answer. In fairness, she sounded as confused and surprised as I did when I told her it was TB calling.

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Anyway, as I was leaving the rally I saw one lady who was not happy to see all the blue lives matter stuff, so she got out of her car like a lunatic and began screaming, “you ain’t shit” and other well thought out slogans, while her child sat in the front seat. She almost made me miss the green light. Here’s the tail end of it.

Sounds like this lovely young lass has had some negative interactions with the po-po in the past. I’m sure she was completely innocent though. I’d love to know more about her if anyone wants to run plate number V57 715.



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