Canton Cover-Up Part 9: Woman In House Where John O’Keefe Was Murdered Is Beth Israel Milton Nurse Sarah Levinson, Name Was Intentionally Misspelled By Trooper Proctor On Police Report

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On the night when John O’Keefe was murdered at the home of Brian Albert in Canton there were several young people at the house who were friends with his son Brian Albert Jr, who was celebrating his birthday. These included Julie Nagel, Colin Albert, and a woman by the name of Sarah Levinson, whose name was not initially exposed until grand jury testimony was given.

Jennifer McCabe was in charge of getting the young people out of the house who didn’t have rides, including Nagel and Levinson, who were dropped off at their homes by McCabe around 2 AM.

What’s not yet been pointed out is that Sarah Levinson is that the Regis College graduate is a nurse at Beth Israel Milton.

How could Sarah Levinson not have known that a Boston Police Officer died inside the house she was in? How could she not have heard the struggle or him being thrown down the basement stairs at 12:24 AM, which was proven in the phone logs? How could she not have seen his body lying in the snow when she got into Jennifer McCabe’s car? What did Brian Albert, or someone else in that house say to her, in order to get her to remain quiet about this for over a year? Why has she allowed a completely innocent woman to be charged with John O’Keefe’s murder when she likely knows exactly who killed him?

The Massachusetts standards of conduct for nurses dictates that no nurse “shall not aid any person in performing an act prohibited by law.”

Sarah Levinson was in the house when John O’Keefe was killed. She knows what really happened and is actively aiding his murderers. Has she been questioned by the grand jury? We don’t know because GJ testimony is sealed. But since no one in that house has been charged with killing O’Keefe it can be inferred that she either has not testified, or lied under oath if she did.

It’s noteworthy that in Trooper Michael Proctor’s report he intentionally spells Sarah and Julie Nagel’s names wrong every time he mentioned them.

This would ensure that if people ever searched for her name and spelt it correctly this document would not come up. Proctor was protecting them, just as he was the people who killed John O’Keefe.

Sarah Levinson’s LinkedIn was up prior to our blog being published a week ago, but has since been pulled down.

Usually if your LinkedIn comes up on Google like that it means it was taken down less than 2 weeks ago.¬†Just like everyone else in that house, Sarah Levinson is on a deleting spree in order to coverup their involvement in the murder of John O’Keefe. These are not the actions of innocent people. If Sarah Levinson doesn’t come forward and cooperate with this investigation then she is just as guilty as O’Keefe’s killers. I get that they are afraid of Brian Albert, but they no longer have to be. Thanks to our blogs he cannot hurt or threaten you anymore.

Sarah Levinson, or a family member or representative for her, is invited to contact me directly at [email protected] for comment. Until she comes clean she has no business being a nurse at Beth Israel Milton. It is the moral and ethical duty of healthcare workers to preserve life. John O’Keefe was alive when they dumped him out in the snow at 12:32 AM. Sarah Levinson could have saved his life but chose not to. Any patient under her care is unsafe until her involvement in this matter is thoroughly investigated.


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