Woman Pretends To Be Pregnant, Lies About Being Raped, Fakes Own Death, Impersonates Hopkinton Cop After Failed Tinder Connection


Be careful who you swipe left for on Tinder, because you could have the misfortune of matching up with someone like Jessica DePatie from Hopkinton (now residing in Cambridge).

She’s a Northeastern grad and a pysch major who ironically is in serious need of psychological help.

Jessica has been terrorizing a number of people online after meeting a DJ, going on a date, and then not seeing the relationship blossom into something more serious. After being told that he wasn’t interested she began sending a barrage of text messages and voicemails to both the guy who dumped her and his boss, pretending to be pregnant, threatening to kill herself and her imaginary unborn baby, and vowing to hold the company responsible because they employ a guy who didn’t want to settle down with a woman like this.

She also made it clear to the man who ended things with her that she was going to go to the Cambridge Police to make up a story about being raped if he didn’t pay her off, and threatened to stalk him at work.

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She left a voicemail vowing to show up at his house, contact all of this future employers, and file a false police report that he raped her.

When that didn’t work she threatened his boss some more, vowing to take all his money unless the employee who dumped her called her back.

Then she said she claimed to have filed a report with the Hopkinton Police, a town she doesn’t live in, and said that she would be pursuing full legal action if the guy who dumped her wasn’t fired from his DJ job.

After that she kicked it up a notch and pretended to “Max” from iHeart Radio, cutting ties with the DJ company after hearing from this disturbed woman.

The Thanksgiving threats continued, as she vowed that both the employee and employer would be raped by her gang raping connections in jail, who she keeps on speed dial whenever an incoming prison needs a good raping.

She continued to pretend that iHeart Radio and Pandora were involved, vowed that they would be “taken out” 100% dead, claimed that she had semen proof (even though she was impregnated), and even vowed to make up a lie that the boss sexually assaulted her too.

She spent all day on Thanksgiving harassing these people.

She left another voicemail claiming to have filed a police report with the Cambridge Police and said that she would take all of his money, said she didn’t believe in abortion, and vowed to go to his work events and tell patrons that he raped her if he didn’t call her back, in which case she would stop threatening him.

“Get ready for a fun couple of weeks, because I’m really, really good at this s***.”

“I’ve waited so long for someone to piss me off so I can go after them.”

As entertaining as this is as an outsider, it’s actually very sick and dangerous, and she should be in jail. No one should have to live like this because they swiped left on the wrong woman.

Meanwhile, the employee was getting messages from her “Dad” Bill DePatie (which was obviously her), claiming that he performed a rape kit on her and demanded that he call her daughter, even though he disapproved of their relationship.

“Bill” said that he was kicking his daughter out for be a pregnant harlot, even though she lives on her own in Cambridge, and blamed the imaginary baby daddy for forcing him to do so.

When neither of them took the bait to rekindle the relationship, despite the threat of a lifetime of prison rape at knifepoint, “Bill” took it to the next level by pretending to have found her dead body.

But instead of calling the cops he texted a guy she went on a date with two minutes after finding her in that condition, threatening to have him charged with double homicide for not calling her back.

“Bill” then attempted to extort imaginary funeral fees out of them.

And before she “died” she also left a voicemail pretending to be a Hopkinton cop, a town she doesn’t live in.

But these aren’t the only people she’s done this to. Another victim we found by searching her name on Facebook told us this story:

I’ve been friends with her since 2015. We were planning on going to the Logic concert last month, and I wanted to bring another friend. When she found out she lost her fucking mind and started calling my friend a whore, so I cancelled my plans with her. The next day she told me she had joined a gang and that the initiation was to “get rid of someone”. Then she’s like “guess who I picked.”

Totally normal.

A woman who dates and has a child with Jessica’s ex-boyfriend (over 3 years ago), tells us that Jessica has been threatening her annually, and even showed up drunk at her house in Milford after filing a false report with DCF in a vain attempt to have her crotch fruits confiscated.

“So I technically don’t even know Jess. Jess just so happens to be my boyfriends psychotic ex girlfriend. When I say psychotic I mean this girl has no limits or boundaries when it comes to harassing people. A little background history I can give you about her is that 3 years ago her and my boyfriend which unfortunately I’m not allow to give his name because he doesn’t want involvement with this, they were in a very serious car accident and he saved her life and ever since then she’s had some pretty serious mental health issues. This time every year Jess goes off the deep end and self destructs because of her PTSD. 

I know that personally because every year my boyfriend receives phone calls from her saying ridiculous things such as if you don’t break up with your girlfriend I will call dcf on your girlfriend and make sure the kids get taken which this time she did call dcf and luckily they didn’t take my children because I had the messages to prove it was a phone call out of spite. 

After Jess showed up to my house on November 6th and 9:30 pm piss ass drunk Milford Police department sent her on her way with mommy and daddy because she couldn’t pass her sobriety tests, she called DCF on me just like she said she would in those messages and they called me November 8th around 5 pm as I was heading out the door for my daughters 11th birthday party and they came out November 13th at 5 and the accusations Jess claimed me of were ridiculous.”

She was once again wise enough to put it all in writing.

She clearly has lost her marbles as can be seen by these bizarre messages she sent the same woman.

OK then.

Jessica DePatie is in serious need of psychiatric help. I feel bad for her parents because they probably know it, but are powerless to do anything since Jessica is an adult. If they are aware, and are contributing to this in any way though, they’re even more at fault. Jessica is trying to ruin a lot of people’s lives, is extremely dangerous, and should be in jail or in a mental institution. Those text messages show that she has committed a number of crimes, including extortion, death threats, and impersonating a police officer. More than anything, Tinder has an obligation to keep people like this off of their platform, because it’s dangerous for other users. Platform access is a civil right, but your civil rights can be stripped from you when you commit a crime.


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