Woman Previously Charged With Sex Trafficking Says She Was Beaten At Quincy Bar By Waitresses, Video She Posted Shows That Is Fake News


This is Jennifer Jordan from Quincy.

She’s a “recovering” slugpump mother who went out to a bar in town called Coops the other night and allegedly got jumped by a gang of racist waitresses, so she had her friend post about it in a Quincy Facebook group.

So just to review:

  • She was at the bar with 2 guy friends
  • She tipped the waitress between 15-20% but the waitress said this wasn’t enough to cover the bill
  • Jen “said something back she didn’t like” but didn’t say what that thing was
  • Jen whipped out her phone and started recording the waitress
  • The waitress tried to take the phone from her then threw her on the ground, and then two other waitresses joined her and began kicking the shit out of Jen
  • Her friends had left, she was all alone, and no one stopped the beating
  • One of the waitresses who beat her up brought her into the bathroom to clean her up and then demanded she delete her video of the beating but Jen refused
  • Her guy friend (who she earlier said had left) got her out of the bathroom and they began to leave
  • She wants the bar to suffer consequences

Something about her story just didn’t add up though. It’s not every day you go out to eat and watch a gang of waitresses beat the bag out of a young mother for not tipping enough. Luckily she posted videos to help clear things up.


Except that video doesn’t show anything that led up to the altercation. All you see is a waitress throwing hands with a customer before they both fall on the floor and 3 other women try to break it up by pulling them apart.

In other words, she wasn’t jumped, and the video she posted in her defense proved that.

In the second video you see Jen crying and looking at her bleeding hand, without any context as to how it got that way. She tries and fails to get other patrons to feel bad for her while she cries hysterically, then pans the camera over at her male friend who is also in the middle of an altercation that others are attempting to break up.


This woman right here was NOT in the mood for her sob story.

That is a grizzled Quincy 7 if I’ve ever seen one.

Meanwhile the guy she’s with was grappling with some old timer, which she didn’t mention in her story.

In the final video you can see her getting kicked out of the restaurant while playing the race card.




Bouncer: “You’re black?”

Jen: “What are you mad about? Because I’m pretty?”

Waitress: “You’re really pulling that cahhd? Get out of the restaurant, because you’re as white as white can be.”

Jen: “Give me my f***ing phone b**ch.”

The accents, the women, the outfits – everything about this is so Quincy it hurts.

In conclusion, the videos she posted show that she lied about getting jumped, failed to mention that she (a white girl) claimed she was being kicked out for being black, and accused them of banning her for being too pretty.

Based on the overall demeanor of everyone she encountered it’s pretty obvious that she likely started the whole thing, which is why she couldn’t get any pity from other people. If I were at a bar and saw some trashbag haggling the waitresses, getting lippy about her bill, and then physically fighting one of them, I probably wouldn’t care if she had a bloody hand either. But her friend posted the bruise and blood images in the Facebook group to get people to believe she was the victim. And for the most part it worked, since most of the comments were shitting on the bar and the waitress who accused her of being whiter than white. But quickly others began telling a different story.

Oh look, she was acting ratchet the whole time. Shocking.

I don’t for a second believe that three waitresses would jump an innocent woman for only tipping between 15-20%. I don’t for a second believe that the bar was filled with nothing but evil people who condoned that. And I especially find it hard to believe a word Jennifer Jordan says considering she was arrested a couple years ago for sex trafficking teenage girls for a wealthy Cape Cod business owner.

A Dorchester man was arraigned Friday on sex trafficking charges revolving around a Dennis business owner, but two women charged with conspiracy in the case failed to appear in court. Barnstable Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson issued arrest warrants for Jennifer Jordan and Mirabelle Billings, both 19, when they did not show up for their afternoon arraignments. Both are charged with conspiracy to commit trafficking of a person for sexual servitude; Jordan is also charged with intimidating a witness.

Assistant Attorney General Nancy Rothstein told Nickerson during that arraignment that the entire case revolves around Patrick McDowell, 52, of Dennis. She alleged he had the three co-defendants procure women and girls for him to have sex with and to watch having sex with other men. McDowell is the owner of PKM Contractors in Dennis. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Barnstable court on five counts of trafficking of a person for sexual servitude, six counts of sex for a fee and one count each of conspiracy to commit trafficking of a person for sexual servitude and assault and battery. He was arraigned on similar charges in June in Suffolk Superior Court.

Apparently it was her job to recruit girls her age to be paid to have sex with this guy, or get paid for him to watch them have sex with someone else:



The details of that case are pretty scandalous.

Nickerson did allow Rothstein to read her summary of the case into the record.

“McDowell had sexual encounters with young women, aged 17 to 19, between October 2017 and early January 2018,” Rothstein said. “They would come to his house in Dennis or meet him in hotels. He would give them drugs for the sexual encounters in return or he would pay them large sums of money.”

Two of the victims were 17 at the time they “met” McDowell.

“There were incidents where these women were asked to have sex with other men while McDowell watched,” she said.

For that encounter, McDowell allegedly paid $6,000 to Monteiro, who then gave $1,000 to Billings, $1,000 to the 17-year-old and kept $4,000 for himself.

“In January 2018, Monteiro was at the McDowell house and several young women were given drugs and asked to have sex with men (in front of McDowell),” Rothstein said.

When one woman got upset about what was going on, Monteiro told her to “go upstairs and make that money,” she said.

Prosecutors have text messages, hotel records, bank records and witnesses that corroborate the accounts of the alleged victims, Rothstein said.

Perfectly normal for a 52 year old man with a family to be friends with a home invading, armed robbery hoodbooger from Dorchester named Jayquan, who gets paid to tell 17 year old girls to “go upstairs and make that money,” while occasionally subcontracting his pimping to Jennifer Jordan.

I can’t find what the outcome of that case was, but Patrick McDowell’s Facebook page is pretty wide open and he’s been posting publicly for years like none of this ever happened. He had a forever chick he posted a lot on his page and thanked her for always being there for him.

Then she found out that he paid hoodboogers to find him 17 year olds to get plowed in front of him for drugs and cash, and the next thing you know….

Not so much forever.

So yea, I can’t say I believe a word the Quincy Queef Dragon has to say considering the evidence presented and her history of pimping out drug addicted teenagers to shady 52 year old men.


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