Woman Selling Year Old Kid Rock Tickets Says She’s Not A Scammer And Is Simply A Confused Older Lady Who Doesn’t Understand The Facebook Machine


A blog was published earlier today about a woman selling tickets to a Kid Rock-Brantley Gilbert show at the Xfinity Center, who claimed to be raising money for her niece with cancer. However, the concert took place last year, which made it sound scammy. I personally attempted to contact this woman a couple times about the ticket, and even offered to buy them. The ad remained up all weekend and only came down today after a lot of public criticism were directed towards her. However, it looks as if we may have a case of Grandma’s adventures on Facebook, because she messaged explaining her dilemma.

First of all, the people who go after these people after we blog about them are no better than the people we blog about. Just read the blog and enjoy it. There’s absolutely no reason to start messaging these people. If they come onto our page and defend themselves then by all means, interact with them. You don’t have to participate in the blog to consume it.

Secondly, I honestly believe this was an innocent mistake. I don’t regret green lighting the blog because we did our due diligence and she never responded. This was a story a lot of people were talking about, and it’s the kind of content we create. However she did make a similar post last year about the tickets.

What I think may have happened here is that she put an item for sale on Facebook marketplace, then shared it to the local community pages. I’m guessing she got some sort of notification from Facebook about the one year anniversary of a post and she hit the share button again, because she doesn’t understand how the Facebook machine works. This time it came up at $180 instead of $160, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because she really sounds like she has no clue what’s going on here. If I’m being scammed then so be it. But there’s just something about an older lady navigating the Facebook machine the wrong way that I just trust.


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