Woman Who Exposed Her Child To Drag Queens Simulating Sex Acts At Framingham Brewery Demands Videos Be Removed Or She Will Contact Lawyer


Exhibit A Brewing Company in Framingham had a drag queen event over the weekend under the pretext of raising money for an animal rescue.

Because the only way to raise money for an animal rescue is for grown men to dress up as hookers and entertain a bunch of white yuppies from Natick and Sudbury sipping craft beer.

Despite being at a brewery the event was still open to children, because drag queens simply cannot resist performing around children and progressive parents must expose their children to them as a requirement for their woke merit badge. Here’s a video from the event showing a drag queen simulating a blowjob on a man before getting tipped by a young girl who observed it all and was taught by her abusive parents that this was appropriate behavior in a public venue.

Dude even licked his fingers afterwards.

Ya know, because he’s pretending that he just swallowed cum. That’s what that means. All of these children were exposed to this, and were taught by their parents that this is something you should pay a tip for.


The same girl who was taken to this event by her abusive parents also looked on in glee as a grown man rubbed his fake Gerber servers in the face of a craft beer bro and then proceeded to grind his ass into the man’s crotch.

Look at the smug sense of satisfaction this mother has as she forces the child on her lap to watch this go down.

Then he made his rounds and found some more hipster Chads to perform on.

Oh look, a white guy with a pretentious beard wearing flannel and drinking craft beer in October. How original.

Here’s another video of a man dressed as a hooker putting his legs up on a table so some sea cow can play doctor and throw money at him.

Oh look, another flannel bound white guy with a beard drinking craft beer so he can post about it on Instagram later. It’s the male version of yoga pants with Uggs.

The videos were posted to a Facebook page called Framingham Unfiltered, which doesn’t accurately describe their page because they ended up taking it down when the woke mob came at them. One of the parents seen in the video is named Robin Chaflin, who describes herself as a “Taylor to the stars.”

And yes, she is just as horrible as she looks. Here’s a message she sent the page demanding the videos of her willingly exposing her young child to these sex acts be removed.

“Me and my child are featured prominently in videos posted to your page at the drag event without my permission.”

You went to a public event at a public place where things were happening that were specifically designed to be shocking and attention grabbing, and someone took a video of this. The fact that you think a lawyer can do anything to stop this shows how utterly stupid you are.

“I brought my daughter to an event because she believes and is taught that everyone has a place in the world.”

No, you brought her there because YOU wanted to go there. No child wants to spend their Saturday with a bunch of adults drinking craft beer and watching men dressed as hookers pretend to lick cum off their fingers. Drag queens do have a place in this world, and that place is far away from children, especially if they’re simulating blowjobs.

She “accepts” a response, so at least she didn’t block the page after that, and they responded.

Oh, there you are.

This is why you shouldn’t cater to or bend at all for these people. They will always want more. Offering to blur their faces was a gesture that I will not be reciprocating. You participated in child abuse in public, and the world deserves to know who you are. Don’t pretend to care about your child’s privacy or well being when you bring them to something like this.

Somehow she managed to become more obnoxious.

“It’s privacy for an underage child.”

Oh right, you care about privacy now, which is why you brought your child to this public event where dozens of people had their phones out recording it.

Framingham Unfiltered took it down because clearly they’re scared of you Robin, but I’m not. I’m the guy you can’t bully. I’m the guy who’s been sued more times than you can count and I’m still undefeated in court. I am BEGGING you to contact your attorney and have them call me. I cannot WAIT for the free content I’d get out of that one. All Framingham Unfiltered did was post a video of your disgusting parenting. I’m actually writing your name, so now this will come up on Google searches too. Please, please, PLEASE have your lawyer contact me.

Anyway, one of the drag queens in the video goes by Raya Sunshine, and he decided two years ago that he’s a woman now.

“I want to take a moment to prioritize my happiness.”

That about sums these deviants up. They’re selfish narcissists who can’t stop talking about themselves and demand that we cater to their delusions. In a race to see who can be the wokest, people like Robin bring their children to watch them perform sex acts in public because they think it makes them virtuous. It doesn’t. You’re really no different from any other child abuser, and your days of doing this without criticism or backlash are over.

We reached out to Exhibit A Brewing for comment to see if they typically have children at their events, or if it’s just when grown men are simulating sex acts on customers. We haven’t heard back yet.


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