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Woman Who Killed Dog In Front Of Witnesses At Revere Beach And Posted Images Of Corpse On Facebook Is Allegedly Saugus Nightwalker 


A Saugus woman killed her dog in front of horrified beachgoers in Revere on Sunday, then pretended that the dog died accidentally after she brought it into the water.

NBCAfter efforts to save a small dog Sunday afternoon in medical distress at a Massachusetts beach were unsuccessful, the dog’s owner is now facing animal cruelty charges, according to state police. State police said they responded to Revere Beach, near the Shirley Avenue Bathhouse, just after noon for a report of an injured dog. When troopers arrived, lifeguards from the Department of Conservation and Recreation and Revere firefighters were trying to resuscitate a small Chihuahua mix who police said had been “in severe medical distress.”

“All we saw was the cruisers pull up,” witness Timothy Russell said. “The two troopers ran down there. It was like they were doing a 100-yard dash. We thought it might’ve been a drowning of a human.”

The dog could not be resuscitated and died, police said. The dog’s co-owner, a 57-year-old Saugus woman, told troopers she had taken the animal into the water where it had suddenly become “stricken and apparently drowned.”

Police said after the woman left with the animal’s body, several witnesses told troopers they had seen the woman abusing the dog before it died.

“We heard that the dog was put in a plastic bag,” Russell said.

Because the woman left and police didn’t talk with the witnesses until afterward, they have issued a summons for her on various animal cruelty charges based on the witness accounts. The woman’s name has not been released. Beachgoers on Monday were upset to learn about the incident.

“That’s really sad,” fellow dog owner Jenn Blanchard said on Monday. “That woman should never have an animal again. If she honestly killed it, she should be put in jail.”

Authorities said they were able to retrieve the body of the dog from its other co-owner in Chelsea and law enforcement from the Animal Rescue League is investigating.

The media has not reported her name because people like Cheryl Fiandaca regurgitate police press releases and call it news. At TB Daily News, we name names. And according to family members we spoke with the woman who did this was Sue Ryan, AKA Susan Linares.

Wrinklestiltskin, who is a rugged Saugus 57, is a well known north shore nightwalker.

When she brought the dead corpse of her morbidly obese chihuahua home she elected to take one final picture of the poor plus sized pooch next to the food it could never eat.

Since then she’s been posting about how much she misses the dog, glossing over the fact that she murdered it in front of a bunch of people at Revere Beach.

Her other dog named Ringo King, AKA Ringo Cheeseburger (which has its own Facebook page), recently died as well.

But came back from the dead to tell the dog killer to be strong.

That page is run by the “co-owner” from Chelsea, “Johnny War,” who found out the dog was dead while very drunk, and he uploaded a video to Facebook to discuss.

Turns out her own kids are ashamed of her too.

And if she was my Mom I’d probably hate her too.


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