Woman Who Killed Well Liked Quincy Father Is Upset That People Don’t Feel Remorse For Her Because She’s Pregnant And Can’t Do Hot Girl Summer This Year



One year ago this week 58 year old Fenway Park security supervisor Donny Bowes was struck and killed by a distracted driver in Quincy who was plugging in her cellphone. He left behind a wife and 4 children.

Donny was extremely popular and well liked in and around the Quincy area, and there has been an outpouring of love and support for the family he left behind.

This is the woman who took Donny Bowes from his family.

Nikita Clark is a 33 year old Boston woman, and although it’s unclear what she does for work I think it’s self-explanatory based on her Instagram.




Alexa, what is irony?

It took almost a year for charges to be pressed against Nikita Clark, who was arraigned last month in Quincy District Court. During the 11 months between the day she killed Donny Bowes and the day she was charged Nikita went and got knocked up, knowing that a court is more likely to have sympathy and show leniency towards a new mother. She’s disappointed that “hot girls summer” is cancelled, so she won’t be able to travel to exotic destinations and shake her spunk magnet for the highest bidder. Instead she will be settling for “hot mom summers.”

Because that’s what’s really important. To the surprise of absolutely nobody there does not appear to be a hot dad around to accompany her through this process.

Roast Beef Rosie had done a lot of self promotion on social media since killing Donny Bowes, but she has shown no remorse for the family of the man she killed, and on her way out of court she told a WHDH reporter that they should have remorse for her.

“I’m pregnant, you don’t have any remorse for me? Leave me alone.”

This is the kind of thing you say when you were raised with no values. At no point in her life has anyone told her to think about other people, so she is incapable of that. After all, this is Mom.

“I couldn’t have become who I am in life without your influence.”

You’re a bootleg Instagram whore who kills people and expects people to feel bad for you. Good influence Mom!

Roast Beef Rosie is a pure narcissist who likely has not spent a single night crying for anyone but herself. She knew it was only a matter of time until she was charged, which is why she chose to get pregnant at the age of 33. She could’ve had kids long before that but it would’ve interfered with her annual trips to exotic locations that she documents on social media. A narcissist like this normally has no desire to have children because having kids requires putting someone else’s needs over your own. But this baby will be useful to help her stay out of jail so she’s keeping it.

Days before she was arraigned Nikita Clark flew to Las Vegas with her girls for her baby shower, which is quite possibly the most ghettorific I’ve ever written. They documented the whole thing on IG.

For her 33rd birthday in June she went to Puerto Rico, and said that the last year had been a “whirlwind,” and that she was on to the next chapter of her life.

You know who else probably had a whirlwind of a year? The family of Donny Bowes. He probably would’ve liked to retire, have some grandkids, and move on to the next chapter of his life, but he can’t because Roast Beef Rosie killed him while she was plugging in her phone to make some more duck face booty selfies for IG.

Nikita is black and the man she killed was white. Normally I wouldn’t bring this up because it’s irrelevant. But Nikita considers herself to be oppressed due to the color of her skin.

Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged within days before being convicted and sentenced to 22 years in jail. The grandmother cop who killed domestic abuser Duante Wright was charged within days and convicted for accidentally reaching for her gun instead of her taser when Wright tried to drive over another cop. Both cops were white, killed a black man, and immediately were brought to justice. Nikita is black, she killed a white man, and it took almost a year for any charges to be filed.

But please, tell me more about how oppressed you are Roast Beef Rosie.

She has posted about her support for violent riots because a black man was killed by a rogue cop in Minnesota.


Despite being born in 1989 Nikita believes that she built this country, therefore it’s permissible for other black people to tear it down by using violence.

She claims that she is being killed, when in reality it’s mostly her doing the killing.

Nikita is also sick of the Jews getting attention for the Holocaust when she’s been put through much worse as a black woman in Quincy.

She’s not a fan of interracial relationships either.

She also thinks it’s OK for BLM activists to blockade highways whenever they feel like it.

So by her logic cars on the highway must stop for people breaking the law by intentionally standing in the road, but cars do not have to stop when pedestrians are trying to cross the street to get to their second job.

Burn in Hell Roast Beef Rosie.


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