Woman Who Previously Vowed Class Action Lawsuit Vs. TB Re-emerges To Body Shame Thin Blue Line Supporters In Hingham


This is Katie Barclay from Hull.

She was featured in a blog in February after vowing massive class action lawsuits against Turtleboy in probate court (LOL), and vowing to start a blog exposing TB.

She didn’t believe our stories about the multiple former male students who came out and accused the Hull Superintendent of trying to have sex with them after they graduated, because no other media outlets had reported on that.

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I ended up being vindicated in April when it was announced that he was fired, but she wasn’t around for a victory lap because she had gone offline, and I assumed she had been sectioned for the safety of her two children.

But sadly she seems to have been in a COVID slumber and has re-emerged in rare form.

She’s really upset that people are supporting the police in neighboring Hingham, and decided to body shame a woman who was there to support the thin blue line flag.

First of all, being compared to a seal isn’t even bad. They’re lean, quick, agile, and probably delicious.

Secondly, if you’re going to equate women to marine mammals, perhaps you shouldn’t oddly resemble a beaver.

Thirdly, Katie Barclay seemed to like the tanning salon before.

And she’s one to talk about ex’s dodging a bullet. How’d you like to wake up every day and be this guy?

I’d rather be living in a COVID infested nursing home run by Charlie Baker’s gropey son.

She’s apparently upset because Anne shared a Turtleboy blog, and then when the crazy beach beaver started criticizing her for it Anne referenced the previous blog Katie appeared in.

Now she says that this woman is going down.

Just like she said we were in February. Somehow this woman is still in charge of raising two human beings, which is scary and remarkable.

Last time we got into it with this lunatic she said she’d come on the live show to discuss. As usual the door remains open if she wants to join us on Saturday night.


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