Woman Who Rear Ends Vehicle In Lynn Tries To Escalate Fight, Ends Up Getting Beat Up, Keeps Talking Anyway


Yesterday in Lynn a minor fender bender led to a volatile situation that was caught on film.

If it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you see multiple people in pajama pants, fights in front of school buses full of children, third generation Dodge Caravans, and nobody speaking in English, you’re probably in Lynn.

It begins with TQT and her pajama clad associate Parliament Light Patty yelling at Flat Brimmed Freddie after getting into a minor fender bender. When friends or associates of TQT arrive she assumes that they will physically assault FBF to defend her honor, and she lets FBF know that.

Unfortunately for her the friends she hailed down assessed the situation and decided they had better things to do, and wouldn’t be dragged into more of the never ending drama that TQT calls life.

Much to her chagrin they let her know that they’re leaving her, which makes her so upset she almost bursts out of her Shaw’s brand leggings.

FBF taunted her by rubbing it in her face that her friends wanted no part of him, so she called them back, got their voicemail, and began yelling at them for deserting her.

“You need to come back and whoop his a**, he’s saying that you left for a reason.”

Yes, they did leave for a reason. They decided that you were not worth a felony charge, and they most certainly made the right choice. Nevertheless she felt confident that the same guys who just abandoned her would be back to fight for her honor.

“You’re getting your a** whooped today. It’s a wrap. It’s a wrap. You wanna call me a crackhead? Look at this crackhead!!”

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Rule #1 of Lynn – if you call a woman a crackhead to her face, you better be prepared to throw down right then and there.

All of a sudden the alleged crackhead, or someone defending her honor, let TQT know that this sort of dialogue was unacceptable by repeatedly battering her in the face.

The most impressive part was that while reigning blows down upon TQT, she holds onto the Red Bull with her left hand, until she realizes that she also wants to use her left hand to punch TQT in the head.

When you grow up in Lynn you learn how to fight while not letting go of the Red Bull.

Finally the police arrive and we found out what led up to this.

“Who hit you?”

TQT: ” I hit her because she slammed on her breaks.”

In other words, this is entirely your fault for tailgating, but you couldn’t let go of your pride so you attempted to escalate a riot instead.

Then at the end she talks a big game about “finding” Red Bull Rhonda, because she knows all the streets this woman normally walks on a Tuesday afternoon, completely ignoring the fact that she had a chance to do something two minutes ago and chose to run instead.

If TQT, PLP, FBF, or RBR wants to come on the live show this weekend to talk about what happened I would love to have them on.


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