Woman With Suspicious Story About Living In Shelter Gets Upset When People Question Her Begging For Handouts A Week Before Christmas 


I have sympathy for people who are in need during the holiday season, but at the same time I urge people to be cautious for scammers. Posts like this should be a red flag.

If you live in a shelter and need Christmas gifts then why are you sharing a picture of a Christmas tree with plenty of presents underneath? I think her profile picture answered that question for me.

Nuff said.

Call me cruel, but I have no sympathy or compassion for people like this. I find it pathetic that people are so devoid of shame that they see nothing wrong with posting something like this a week before Christmas. It didn’t exactly sneak up on you. Mariah Carey has been on the radio for a month now, it’s hard to miss. She says she lives in a shelter with kids, but no shelter would let children go without presents on Christmas. There are a million charities that would assist her as well, but she’s just too lazy and irresponsible to take advantage of any of them. Instead she’s asking strangers on Facebook where she can get help, which is code for, “please give me cash or presents.” What she really needs is a wakeup call on Christmas morning in the form of the look of utter disappointment and resentment from her children.

Here’s another novel idea – stop reproducing! Our tax dollars go towards Planned Parenthood specifically to help people like you avoid being pregnant. They give out birth control like we give out hot takes. But again, that was too much effort and required a small bit of personal responsibility, which wasn’t nearly as attractive as unprotected sex with a man wearing a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat who isn’t familiar with the concept of pulling out.

Where is this shelter anyway?

Lowell, Tewksbury, Woburn. One of those. She missed the deadline to get free presents because that required personal responsibility. Now she wants strangers on Facebook to direct her towards free presents while she badmouths the shelter (“the shelter isn’t much help) that lets her stay there for free.

How old are the kids?

Twelve, nine, and 4.5. So then why are you selling newborn diapers and EBT brand formula?

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Other people started calling her out too, and she didn’t like that.

Meanwhile women like Christina Spencer lectured people who were trying to help well-intentioned women avoid getting scammed.

I have no idea if she’s a scammer, although the likelihood that she’s not being fully honest seems high. My bigger issue is the fact that she has no shame and expects other people to take care of her grownup responsibilities a week before Christmas.

She did have one woman, who knows a thing or two about online scams, offer some unsolicited advice.

The woman who INVENTED online scamming – Kelly “Scamerica” Jenerico.

If you’re getting advice on anything from Scamerico, your life should have a reset button.

This is how she responded to people who rightfully criticized her poor planning and parenting.

Brittany, the problem is that you’re clearly not being up front and honest about the shelter, and your you expect strangers to bail you out a week before Christmas. When you post in a public forum people have every right to criticize you. If you can’t handle that then try being a normal, responsible parent who doesn’t end up as Turtleboy bait.


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