Women Demand Lynn Women’s And Children’s Shelter Be Shut Down For Not Giving Woman With 4 Kids Enough Free Presents 


A woman speaking on behalf of a friend who is staying at a shelter in Lynn has voiced her displeasure with the treatment her friend received there.

Normally you’d assume that someone with four children would be grateful that a shelter would take her in for free during the harsh New England winter. But evidently this woman thinks she is owed more than the gift card, scratch ticket, and candy that she was given. A lot of people might tell her that this comes across as incredibly ungrateful, but those people are all gay, so she won’t listen to them anyway.

Since this was a Lynn Facebook group where not everyone was friends with the OP, I figured this woman would be roundly criticized for her egregious display of entitlement culture. Instead this happened.

The day I handed over anything to some ungrateful fupa donkey who publicly shamed a women’s and children’s shelter for not giving her enough presents a week before Christmas, is the day I concede Cape Cod beaches to the sharks.

Others also blamed the charity.

Before one brave voice stood up and said what every rational person was thinking.

This of course was racist.

Even though he never mentioned race, and the race of the woman complaining about free things in the shelter was also unknown. Also, it might just be me, but it seems kind of racist to see the phrase “3 baby daddies” and assume the person is referring to a black woman. Just sayin.

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Another woman took issue with the assumption that the woman in question has multiple baby daddies.

She’s a woman living in a shelter with four crotch fruits in Lynn, and she hasn’t mentioned the father of any of them. The odds that those children have the same Dad are slim to none considering that would require commitment and personal responsibility on Mom’s part. Plus she’s in Lynn, the only place in America where every kid calls their sibling’s father Jason instead of Dad.

Meanwhile, Alicia Ortiz was posting sentagraph after sentagraph defending her friend’s honor.

The woman in question left Germany to escape domestic violence. That makes sense. Because if you need to run away from an abusive spouse in Munich, the natural destination from there is always Lynn, Massachusetts.

To the surprise of no one, Alicia also used to live in a shelter and complained about the free services she received there.

This was the sentagraph of all sentagraphs.

“Everyone I know are married with a one baby daddy and I have multiple baby daddies.”

If you live in Lynn, then everyone you know is most definitely not married with one baby daddy. Also, out here in Taxpayerville women often refer to these sort of men as “husbands,” not baby daddies.

“Out of all my baby daddies not one of them helps me.”

If you have to start off a sentence with “out of all my baby daddies,” you’ve made a lot of poor life decisions. Perhaps you should consider the Turtleboy birth control method (the chest) moving forward. Or maybe even stop letting every guy with a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat inside of you without protection after a hot date at Taco Bell.

Turns out the “Everyone I know are married with a one baby daddy” was a lie, according to the update she later posted from her friend.

“I don’t receive any child support from the father’s.”

Plural. Kind of. But at least her 19 year old son who is still in high school is finally set to graduate this year.

They weren’t complaining though, they just wanted the taxpayers to know where their money is going.

Except it’s a non-profit, so we don’t pay them. And if we did, I’d be more upset that they’re buying presents for ungrateful freeloaders who think that they’re owed something just because they continue to make poor life decisions.

These women don’t know how bad they have it at this shelter. I suggest they spend a week with Hadassah Rose at the Gan Rivkah Center in Milford. That will certainly put things in perspective. The only thing you’ll get there for Christmas are some imaginary classes and a gift card to the punishment cafe, where you’ll also have to work for free on weekends.


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