Woonsocket Middle School Teacher Offers Cash Bounty For Infected Person To Cough On Trump


This was an interesting tweet from Amy Bednarz, an ELL teacher at Villa Nova Middle School in Woonsocket.

It seems rather inappropriate for a teacher to use social media in order to offer money to a potential bioterrorist to kill the President. But when it’s mainstream for people to literally believe that Donald Trump is the modern day equivalent to Hitler, can we really act surprised when people see nothing wrong with openly encouraging people to give him a deadly disease?

Forget Covid 19, can someone please get this poor woman some Colgate 19?

According to her LinkedIn  Amy has worked in pretty much every shithole in Massachusetts – Southbridge, Brockton, and Fall River. So she decided it was time to hit up Rhode Island’s asshole of Woonsocket too.

She also says she’s a future administrator.

Which makes perfect sense, because you’re required to be a horrible teacher in order to become an administrator in the public schools.

When she taught in Fall River there was an incident in which a couple free range crotch fruits got loose, she just didn’t want you to think “the worse” of her.

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As a former teacher these kind of people disgust me and bring shame to this great profession. They give the illusion that most teachers are unbearable, unqualified SJWs, which isn’t entirely untrue. But she might be the worst of the lot, as a Southbridge education blogger wrote about just three years ago:

Sometimes Amy likes to call me fat in response to tweets that have nothing to do with education. Sometimes when I write something that she REALLY doesn’t like she threatens to directly come to my house. Amy has even done her research to find out the name of the street I live on and even my phone number, which she calls on a regular basis. Now, I have no problem with people writing in to disagree with me, to correct my spelling and punctuation or to offer any kind of feedback. I’m tickled that people even read this little blog so I’m honored when people want to join the conversation. But threatening to come after me and my children where we live? That’s a bit much, no?

In fairness, the blogger sounds equally as obnoxious. Not only is the woman an Elizabeth Warren supporter, but she also says the Southbridge schools are “failing” because of bad teachers. Individual students are indeed failing because Southbridge has an abnormally high percentage of guttermuppets who raise their children with no values, don’t speak English at home, and reproduce like it’s going out of style. If your kid is failing in school it’s not the teacher’s fault, it’s your fault and your kid’s fault. Any kid can learn in any environment if they show up to school ready to learn.

This woman seems like the obnoxious teacher from faculty meetings who everyone wanted to choke slam because she asked a lot of questions instead shutting her mouth and sending an email later on so the meeting could end earlier. This old tweet speaks volumes.

Anyone who has ever used “MCAS prep” and “cool” in the same sentence is destined to be an administrator. There is nothing cool about taking time out of your teaching day to go to a “rally” to get kids fired up to take a standardized test. If you find that sort of thing aspiring you should be disqualified from ever teaching again.

She’s a crazy cat lady too.

Because, of course she is.

After her tweet started getting shared a lot on Twitter she received a lot of negative blowback. First she went this route.

When that didn’t work out as planned she did what people like this always do – whined about mean things people were saying to her in order to deflect from the horrible thing she said.

Lady, you just offered a bounty for someone to give Trump the commie cold. You are not a victim here, as much as you’d like to be.

Soon after that she finally did the smart thing and pulled her account down.

But her old account is still up, and I have to agree with her on this tweet.

No argument there.

P.S. Of course she’s friends with this unbearable bootleg Stepford wife too.

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