Woonsocket Mother Lies About Son Being Bullied Into Suicide For Lemonade Stand Scam


This is Jenny Reagan from Woonsocket.

The other day Relapse Regina made a post in a Woonsocket Facebook group about how her son Owen was opening a lemonade stand after being bullied to the point where he attempted suicide and had to go to the hospital for a year of treatment.

First of all, I really hate when parents use their kids like this. I’ve seen it many times before with viral posts showing some poor kid after no one showed up to their birthday party. It’s clickbait that adults use to make their children sympathy props.

Secondly, we don’t know the whole story. For all I know this could could be the bully, or his mental health issues could be a result of living in an abusive or neglectful household. I know nothing about him or his mother, other than the fact that she’s the type of person to exploit her kid in front of strangers for clout.

Thirdly, if you’re gonna use your kid as a prop like this, make sure he’s not wearing a Dos Equis shirt.

Fourthly, she uses this kid as a prop constantly and exploits his alleged mental health issues, because apparently therapy comes in the form of likes and uplifting comments from strangers. Last May she lectured everyone in Woonsocket about teaching your kids not to bully other kids with special needs, because her son allegedly tried to end his life due to bullying. She claims he has PTSD, ADHD, sensory disorder, pika, and “high spectrum,” none of which is the result of her failures as a parent.

I’m sure this boy wanted his face splattered all over the Internet with details about his health issues so that strangers will feel bad for him. And even if all this is true, what’s the purpose of posting about it? What are people supposed to do? What’s the call to action? Oh right, giving her money. She’s using her kid as a prop for attention because victimhood is currency.

A few months ago she asked the community to come to her kid’s 5th grade graduation because he has no friends. Of course she once again humiliated him by discussing private mental health issues, and blamed other people’s kids for it.

But I thought he was in the hospital? Whatever. Just feel bad for him and like the post.

She also shared a picture of Owen, revealing that he is dangerously obese, which she blamed on “opposite effects from ADHD meds.”


Wait….what? First of all, that kid’s not thick. He’s dangerously unhealthy. You don’t get that obese from ADHD medication, which as she mentioned usually acts as an appetite suppressor. You get that big and that unhealthy by letting your kid eat McDonald’s every day. There’s a reason that in this country the people who need money for food stamps seem to have never missed a meal, and it’s not because of ADHD meds. It’s because negligent parents let their kids play video games all day and eat Devil Dogs instead of signing them up to play soccer.

Mom also doesn’t work because she says she can’t get through an interview without thinking about her son being bullied.

“What am I supposed to do when I don’t know what to do without falling apart.”

Here’s an idea – go see a therapist and stop sharing every intimate detail of your life on Facebook. But then again, the whole point of her posts isn’t for her or him to get better, it’s to get people to hit the like button and feel bad for her.

Oh, and I know that a Woonsocket 6 is in high demand, but can thirsty guy pleas stop trying to get in her pants?

She’s made a lot of great decisions in life and has great taste in men, which is why she’s always crying about being a single mom.

Her teen daughter “Nyah” also went missing last year, but was never really missing.

She found her 10 minutes later and updated her post instead of just removing it all together, because she’s addicted to using her kids to elicit Facebook sympathy.

She can’t get through an interview so her only option is to open her own “business.”¬†Notice the post said that he’d also be selling cookies and brownies.

As it just so happens she owns a “business” called “Nana’s Bake Shop and More” (because of course this 41 year old is a grandmother).

The business appears to be her making cookies in her apartment and guilting people into buying them by playing the “single Mom” card because she chose to procreate with lowlifes.

Obviously no one wants to buy her crap so she has to use her children and her status as a single Mom to guilt people into buying them.

She even said she was gonna have her kid draw names from a raffle for free cookies after he’s released from the hospital following his alleged suicide attempt.

But wait – that says he was released from the hospital in June of 2022. Her post the other day, and the previous posts leading up to the big day, said he had just gotten out of the hospital after spending a year there.

What kind of hospital keeps a kid there for a year? How did he try to kill himself? Whatever, just shut up and buy her cookies.

Hold on a second though. If the kid was in the hospital for a year, then why did she say he was still living with her in an August 2022 post looking for an apartment, in which she once again embarrassed her son by suggesting that suggesting that his disabilities would get him to jump out of a third story window?

You should also feel bad for her because she’s a single mom (in case she hasn’t mentioned that yet) who had her catalytic converter stolen.

The only way to fix this injustice is to buy her cookies so she can buy a new car.


She’s thankful for the kind “jester,” but she doesn’t want your charity. Instead she just wants to earn your money by getting you to buy the cookies she made last week that you otherwise would never buy. And stop accusing her of scamming! She’s earning money by getting you to buy sympathy cookies!

Oh, and she also opened up a Mexican restaurant pizza joint.

Oh boy, a liquor license, complete with full bar!

She obviously invested a lot of time and money into the place by putting up some plants that she couldn’t sell on Facebook.


Pretty much everything this woman posts makes her seem like she’s a victim, overcoming all sorts of obstacles to make it as a single Mom, in order to get you to buy something from her that you normally wouldn’t buy.


The lemonade stand post did exactly what it was supposed to do though – got thousands of idiots from around the country to send her money on Cashapp.

She even got some poor idiot named Glen down at the Post to share her Cashapp and let Owen set up his stand there so Mom can sell her crap.

What exactly is all this money going towards? How will money make this boy’s life better? She says he wants to make friends, but all I’m seeing is adults sending her cash as she humiliates him by sharing intimate details about his mental health. According to Jenny the money will go towards “restocking the stand” and a “bully free pizza party” at the park.


Except there’s just one problem – it’s actually her kid who’s the bully, and he was in the hospital because he stabbed another kid with a pencil and calls other kids racial slurs.



Oops! Guess she forgot to mention that part.

Screenshots of this post were left all over her posts on the Woonsocket page but Jenny never addressed them. Today as she was counting the cash and talking about pizza parties she said she didn’t address these allegations because she doesn’t deal with “adult bullies.”

This is why you should be skeptical of anyone who overuses the word “bully.” Usually it means being called out for shitty behavior, like the kind her and her son engage in.

Anyway, I really can’t stand when people exploit their kids like this, but in this case it’s even worse because it appears to be the opposite of how she presented it. This child does appear to have serious issues, but they’re mostly the result of bad parenting, which is why her teenage daughter doesn’t come from school sometimes, and her son allegedly has PTSD. Instead of getting him into counseling she’s putting her kid up to public ridicule with her posts so that she can sell stuff that normally people would never buy. The kid won’t gain a single friend from this, but Relapse Regina doesn’t care because if the kid starts living a normal life he won’t be able to exploit him for pity anymore.

P.S. Feel free to point and laugh at these morons. They are worthy of your ridicule.


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