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Woonsocket Mother Says She’s A Good Mom After Crashing At 2 AM While Blackout Drunk With Babies In Car Who Are Now In Critical Condition


This is Erika Ahrens from Woonsocket.


She’s a 21 year old mother of two, and since she lives in Woonsocket and uses cat filter she is required by law to name at least one of her children with something that rhymes with Aidan.

This is her boyfriend Trevor Pickering, who is not the father of either of her children.

She recently got a restraining order on Captain Pubestache after a domestic incident three weeks ago that he was charged with.

But of course that piece of paper meant very little to either of them and they were back together in no time because they live together with her Dad and the kids. Lots of good mothers allow their children to be around domestic abusers.

On Saturday night she posted about how she was planning on getting blackout drunk at a party she was going to with Trevor.

So they asked her Dad to babysit, went out for a couple hours to enjoy themselves, and then took an Uber back home because they drank and wanted to play it safe.

LOL. Just kidding. They brought her 1 and 2 year old sons with her, she and Captain Pubestache both got blackout drunk as planned, crashed at an intersection at 2 AM with their kids in the backseat, and now one of them is in critical condition. She’s out on bail after being charged with a felony, and he’s being charged with violation of a restraining order.

A 21-year-old mother is facing felony charges after a crash over the weekend landed both of her children in the hospital. Police allege Erika Ahrens was intoxicated when she hit another vehicle head-on around 2 a.m. Saturday at the intersection of Mendon and Diamond Hill roads. Her two boys, ages 1 and 2, were in the vehicle at the time, along with 21-year-old Trevor Pickering, Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates said. The 2-year-old is still listed in critical condition at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, according to police, while the 1-year-old was treated and released to the care of the R.I. Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). Ahrens was arraigned Monday in Providence District Court on two counts each of DUI resulting in serious bodily injury, DUI with a passenger under 13, driving to endanger resulting in physical injury, and child endangerment. The judge said in this case, no plea could be entered and the matter will be filed in Superior Court. Ahrens was released on $40,000 bail. She’s due back in court Jan. 30. Police said Pickering was also taken into custody and charged with violating a no-contact order

Words can’t describe how disgusted I am by this gestation jelly roll. It simply doesn’t get more white trash than this. You get smacked around by your pube factory boyfriend, waste the court’s time by claiming that you fear him in order to get an order, immediately ignore that order and hang out with anyway, and then allow him around your children.

That in and of itself is bad enough, but I’ve never seen anything quite as ratchet as bringing your own children to a party until 2 AM so you can get blackout drunk and drive home. It’s one of the most selfish things I’ve ever heard, and under no circumstances should she ever be allowed to see her children again. The kids didn’t wanna go to a party, she did. They wanted to be kids and read a bedtime story before going to bed at 8, but that’s not what SHE wanted to do.  Clearly the needs of her children don’t even factor into her brain. Now one of them is fighting for his life because she had to drag them into the dumpster fire she calls life.

You would think that after being exposed as such a horrible, disgusting excuse for a mother, that the Woonsocket Penis Pocket would bow her head in shame and stay far away from social media. Instead she did the opposite. First she posted to her baby daddy’s Facebook page, asking him to keep their babies safe and saying sorry for something.

Except there’s just one problem – he died in August of 2021.

Then she made a post on her page apologizing to her babies, and asking people to pray for the son that she nearly killed.

You don’t get to ask for prayers when they’re in the hospital BECAUSE of you! I pray that your son fully recovers and gets sent to a new home with his brother where he will never, ever have to see your filthy face again. He deserves a real Mom, and a fresh start on life.

Some people on her page pointed this out, and instead of logging off or deactivating due to personal humiliation, she pulled the “you don’t even know me” card, before pretending to care about her kids again.

“One mistake does not define who I am as a mother or a human.”

Oh, it absolutely does in this case. This isn’t some mistake. You were sober when you drove to the party WITH your kids, knowing you planned to get blackout drunk. You were sober when you allowed them around a man who abused you (allegedly), and who you had a restraining order on. You made the choice to drink and drive WITH THEM IN THE CAR AT 2 AM! The mere fact that you thought any of this was acceptable is the problem. That’s not a mistake, it’s evidence that there is something fundamentally wrong with you that can’t be fixed. And quite frankly, I don’t believe for a second that someone who’s capable of making a decision like that wasn’t already a horrible mother.

Of course being a “good mother” to her means she uses the kids as props for her Tik Tok videos and brags about how they save her money on taxes.

But she also uses Tik Tok to ironically call out people she calls ratchets for being drunk in public.

She had no choice but to clap back.

She also made a Tik Tok joking about how her baby daddy died 10 days before their baby was born.


Get it? It’s funny because he’s dead.

Erika’s friends and family were still defending her honor and calling her a great mother under the post she made in which she announced she was getting blackout drunk.

You’re named after a planet. Your thoughts on parenting will never really matter.

“She is a good mother who loves her kids dearly.”

Yea, and OJ Simpson was a great ex-husband. Lots of good Moms express their love for their children by putting them in the hospital. The ironic part is that Mercury here frequently posts about the dangers of child abuse, while actively simping for a woman whose child is fighting for his life in the hospital because his mother put him there.

She really cares about the well being of children though, because she shared a meme on Facebook.

The Woonsocket Penis Pocket was also supported by her sister Hailee Durling, pictured here with their litter of cousins.

She’s also got 3 of her own with various sperm donors, but life is going great for her because her priority is to remain “smoking” while firing out raw dog trophies until her uterus begs for mercy.

Trevor’s ex-girlfriend Liv Phelps showed up in the comments to point out how horrible Hailee’s sister was too. Apparently Trevor was also abusive to her, which once prompted Liv to post a Tik Tok of herself crying in a bathroom as she hid from him. Naturally Hailee weaponized this against her in defense of her child abusing sister, prompting Liz to point out that Erika got the order on Trevor because he threw out her dead baby daddy’s and mother’s ashes.

This is a normal way to grieve.

Oh, and just in case you thought this was a “mistake,” and not part of a larger pattern of behavior, Liv also posted screenshots of text messages with Erika in which the Woonsocket Penis Pocket sent images of her children locked in a room so she could get drunk without tending to their needs.

It’s OK guys. She’s 21. Child neglect is legal when you turn 21, and if you don’t have illegitimate kids of your own then you’re not allowed to cast judgment.

While Hailee was going back and forth with her sister’s abusive boyfriend’s battered ex-girlfriend, she was simultaneously posting about how they needed thoughts and prayers for her nephew as he fought for his life in the hospital.

He’s in the hospital because your sister put him there. The fact that she’s not furious with her pretty much tells me everything I need to know about Hailee. That and the fact that her parents named her Hailee.

Speaking of, this is the person who created the slampig sisters.

That is a Woonsocket Grandpa if I’ve ever seen one. And as you would imagine he speaks in permanent Newport Lights voice.

Oh, and just in case this story couldn’t get any more ratchet, turns out she never told her son’s father that she had his baby, but since he’s in the hospital they had to do a DNA test and notify him. So that’s normal.

Anyway, it really disturbed me that she said she still had her babies with her right now.

Hopefully that means “in spirit,” and her younger son is in a foster home on the fast track to adoption.


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