Worcester City Councillors Sarai Rivera, Khrystian King Cut Line For COVID Vaccine Because She’s Bilingual, Says People Should Stop Running Their Mouths


Khrystian King and Sarai “Ti-ti-ho” Rivera are Worcester City Councillors who are both in fine physical health, and should probably be last in line for the COVID vaccine. But the other day King posted this on Facebook.

Here is Councillor King next to disgraced former City Councillor and alleged rapist Michael Gaffney.

There are thousands of elderly people in Worcester who haven’t received the vaccine, so how did he cut the line like this? The health director sent out an email explaining.

On Friday, January 22, I administered the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19 to two members of the Worcester City Council as part of a mobile clinic at Abby’s House. Those two Councilors were Khrystian King and Sarai Rivera, both of whom fall under Phase One eligibility in the Healthcare Workers Doing Non-COVID Facing Care category (Bullet 6 of Phase One) as determined by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as licensed social workers. Councilor Rivera is also a member of the Worcester Clergy.

The mobile vaccination clinics are part of the Congregate Care setting strategy to prioritize those in vulnerable populations withincorrections facilities and shelters. This particular facility had 120 individuals signed up to receive the vaccine. As is the case with other vaccination clinics and appointment-based systems, there is often a no-show rate. Of the 120 that registered, 75 were vaccinated, leaving a balance of 45 available vaccines. The Moderna vaccine cannot be transported once opened. Any remaining unused doses would have been rendered unusable. In order to maximize the City’s allotment, individuals meeting the State’s Phase One criteria were contacted and among them were Councilors King and Rivera. All procedures carried out were in compliance with the Commonwealth’s guidelines for vaccination priority and distribution

Dr. Matilde Castiel, MD, Commissioner

How and why do they fall under phase 1? Simple – they’re both social workers. And according to the City they weren’t even supposed to get the vaccine, other people just didn’t show up to get it.

A pair of Worcester city councilors who are eligible for the COVID vaccine received the first dose last week without an appointment after dozens of residents didn’t show up, according to city officials. Last week, Councilor-at-Large Khrystian King and District 4 Councilor Sarai Rivera, who are eligible for the vaccine as part of Phase 1, each received the COVID-19 vaccination after dozens of doses went unused and were going to be thrown out, the city said. At the Abby’s House vaccination site on Jan. 22, 120 appointments were scheduled, however, only about 75 people reported to the site, according to city officials. The vaccines must be stored in extremely cold freezers. Guidelines for the vaccine state that once it is removed from its storage for use, it can not be put back. Following the guidelines, about 45 doses of the vaccine would have been discarded on Jan. 22, so Worcester’s Commissioner of Health and Human Services, Dr. Matilde Castiel, reached out to King and Rivera among others, city officials said, since they were eligible to receive the first does as part of Phase 1.

If people aren’t showing up to get the vaccines, and if we’re throwing them out, then there’s probably something wrong with the way they’re being distributed. Meanwhile the Worcester Public Schools remain closed because it’s “unsafe” until everyone’s vaccinated, but the perfectly healthy City Councillors can get their shots. The fact that schools are not a priority in Worcester is exactly why I left Worcester. I won’t live in a place where people like Sarai Rivera and Khrystian King have more value than my children.

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The argument is that King is a social worker and needs to go into homes of strangers, therefore he should come first. But the fact of the matter is that he has almost no chance of dying from COVID, while thousands of vulnerable elderly people in Worcester do. Plus, here he is in August hanging out without a mask on.

He seems really scared of the virus.

Sarai Rivera’s reasoning was even better with a twist of ratchet.

Rivera said that she was not rushing to get the vaccine, but wanted to take the opportunity when it was presented to her because she is bilingual and bicultural, and there is a need for such workers in the community right now.

“I don’t know why anybody has been running their mouths,” Rivera said. “They should stop running their mouth and start finding out the truth.”

Rivera hoped that as a bicultural person getting the vaccine, she could be an example for the community.

”There’s an issue of disparity among communities of color,” Rivera said, noting a history of unethical medical procedures that have affected people of color in America. “It’s also setting an example for our community that’s very afraid. There’s all sorts of fear and misinformation about what this vaccination is about in our community.”

She really just said that she should come first because she’s Hispanic. She’s more important than your racist white grandmother anyway, who should probably just get COVID and die so the world will be a better place. And an elected official telling concerned citizens that they should “stop running their mouths,” is classic Sarai Rivera behavior. This is the same woman who once said at a City Council meeting,

“My vaginal area has produced two children. I’d like to see a penis do that.”

Same woman who endangers the elderly and firefighters by refusing to have snow shoveled in front of the fire hazard she calls a church on Austin Street.



Same chick who left this insane voicemail for her sister, calling her “Ti-ti-ho.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.08.27 PM

This woman is so important that she gets the vaccine before your grandmother. Her being bilingual is more important than your kid returning to school. Makes sense.


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