Worcester Judge Arrested For Beating And Terrorizing Her Wife Was Recently Featured On WBZ Special About Why We Need More Diverse Judges


In the last few months politicians and politically appointed judges have been on quite a roll in Massachusetts. DA Rachael Rollins gets paid to let Antifa go free, congresswoman Ayanna Pressley share GoFundMe’s so Antifa can get bailed out of jail, Judge Shelley Joseph helped an illegal immigrant escape out a backdoor to avoid ICE, the Mayor of Fall River won’t resign even after being arrested by the FBI twice in one year, and now another judge got a visit from the DCF fairy after assaulting her wife and trying to use her status as a jurist to avoid arrest.

Masslive: The Massachusetts judge arrested for allegedly grabbing her wife by the hair and yanking her head back during a dispute told police, “I’m a superior judge” while being put into custody, according to police reports. Judge Shannon Frison, who sits in Worcester Superior Court, was arraigned Monday in Marlborough District Court on a charge of domestic assault and battery. She was released on personal recognizance and returns to court next month. The 49-year-old judge was arrested Sunday in Hudson, police reports and court records show.

“I’m a superior judge, you can’t arrest me. Let me go,” Frison allegedly told police.

Frison is now on paid administrative leave, the Massachusetts Trial Courts confirmed. Hudson police were called to Brook and Chestnut streets for a report of an “upset female” around 7:30 p.m. Police learned she may have argued with a person in a car. In one police report, a Hudson police sergeant said he saw his fellow officer putting Frison into custody on a domestic assault and battery charge. The judge was “balking at this claiming she was a Superior Court Judge and that she has to sit in Court in Worcester in the morning,” the sergeant wrote in his report.

The alleged victim, Frison’s wife, told police that Frison pulled her hair. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter, according to reports. Police were told a car was following an upset woman. The car was speeding up and down Brook Street, according to police reports. The driver of the car was identified as the judge. Police talked to the upset woman, who is Frison’s wife. The wife said the couple is having “a tough marriage recently,” according to police reports. The wife told police that Frison yelled at her at their home in Hudson and began screaming at her. Frison, according to police reports and her wife, pulled the back of her wife’s hair, yanking her head back. The wife then left and walked down the street with their child.

Frison refused to speak to one officer, police reports said. She was then handcuffed and taken to a cruiser. Police said that’s when Frison told police she was a judge and they can’t arrest her. A witness, who told police he heard some of the commotion, said he saw a silver BMW speed down the street and cut in front of a woman. The woman, who appears to be Frison’s wife, was holding their daughter. The vehicle left the scene and returned. Frison was allegedly driving the BMW. The driver allegedly yelled at the woman, “Now you have this white boy with his dog protecting you.”

Authorities contacted the state Department of Children & Families after the incident.

Who wore it better?

The damage that Deval Patrick has done to our judicial system will take generations to fix. Although it’s Massachusetts so it probably won’t get fixed at all. Good thing we have a woman who’s in charge of imposing fair sentences on people who pulls her wife’s hair, drives around residential neighborhoods at high rates of speed, cuts in front of women and children, and uses language like this:

Now you have this white boy with his dog protecting you.”

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I’m sure she’s overly qualified for her position, and she didn’t use identity politics and/or affirmative action to get there.

Just kidding. This woman pretty much talks about her identity all the time. She was recently featured in a WBZ story in July about the importance of using racial identity to hire judges.

Out of 82 seats in the Commonwealth’s Superior Court, Justice Shannon Frison is one of two African-American justices.

“I’m a poor, black woman, from Chicago, who’s also gay and a Marine. You can’t replicate that experience,” said Frison.

Translation – “I’m a black gay woman. Therefore I should be hired because I’m rare.”

“No matter where you are and what you’ve done. How serious your matter is, what your ethnicity or race is, you’re almost guaranteed to be in front of a white judge in Massachusetts, on your criminal matter,” Frison said.

A judge telling people of color that if they get a white judge then they’re not going to be treated fairly seems like a great way to instill confidence in our judicial system.

She was first appointed to Boston’s Municipal Court in 2009 by Governor Deval Patrick and confirmed to the Superior Court in 2013. No black judge has been appointed to the high court since. State data shows of the 374 trial court justices in the system, 39 are people of color. Yet, Census figures project that by 2020, minorities will make up more than a quarter of the state’s population.

“It’s too few for the people we serve,” said Frison.

Can we please stop with this nonsense? X percent of students are minorities, therefore X percent of teachers should be. X percent of people living in Boston are minorities, therefore X percent of cops and firefighters should be. How about this? We hire the best people who apply for the job. I know it might sound crazy, but it just may be the most effective way to run a functional society.

“Here in Massachusetts, not in all these other places we think are so different from us, but here in Massachusetts, we are still imposing higher bail on black and brown people and we are still imposing longer sentences on black and brown people,” she told WBZ. “You always need people of color when you’re talking about the effects that racism has had and still has.”

You’re a judge. You are the one imposing bail. So either you’re the one giving minorities higher bail, or you’re giving people low bail and suggesting that your white coworkers are racist for giving black and brown people higher bail than white people. Probably the latter, since she recently shared a tweet celebrating Rachael Rollins victory over the one judge in this state who actually attempted to enforce the law.

“We’re not paying enough attention to this issue beyond having committees that talk about bias and inclusion. There has to be a real effort into recruiting judges of color,” said Frison.

This isn’t getting a job at Walmart. I don’t want anyone becoming a judge if they need to be “recruited.” If you don’t care enough to go through the proper channels then you’re not worthy of becoming a judge.

Judges are supposed to be fair and impartial, but also esteemed and worthy of our respect. I’m supposed to look at a judge and think, “That guy or gal is a really serious person.” They shouldn’t be constantly posting selfies like this on social media.

Why is a judge posting work selfies from the courthouse? And I’m sorry, those tattoos are trashy. It’s fine if you get covered in tats, but judges are supposed to look like dignified individuals that I can’t meet at ten cent wing night at the Kaz Bar.

On Twitter she’s constantly waxing identity politics.

We can’t talk about diversity without talking about bias? Didn’t you just call someone a white boy while chasing down your wife and child who were running away from you because you pulled her hair?

She posted a picture on her IG of a name tag she wore recently at what appears to be an event for LGBTQ judges, which of course contained her pronouns.

If you list your pronouns and they match your biological and genetic identity, then I already know everything I need to know about you.

She also recently retweeted an article heaping praise on Cook County DA Kim Foxx.

The same corrupt Chicago politician who dropped the charges against Jussie Smollett.

She’s also the best judge ever. Even ask her.



Way to stay humble.

It boggles my mind that this woman somehow became a judge. She’s the poster child for why diversity is overrated. Diversity, when it happens naturally, is a great thing. It’s good that people are exposed to people who don’t look like them. But when we pretend that letting people like Shannon Frison become judges is a good thing simply because she checks off a bunch of diversity boxes, this is the result.


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