Worcester Man Previously Arrested For Selling Drugs Starts Digital Pawn Shop Selling Used Accessories And Food Stamps, Gets Undercut By Rival EBT Salesman


This is Luke Deptula from Worcester.

As you can see, he values important things like gold chains, flat brimmed hats, and t-shirts featuring guns and buns.

On Facebook he goes by Wrights Royal, and has recently started an online “business” called “Correct Connect Clothes,” selling allegedly brand name clothing that I’m sure were acquired legally.

Hit him up if you’re trying out to be a backup dancer in a 90’s rap video and need an outfit.

His business also buys and sells used or broken electronics, gold chains, “autographed” sports memorabilia, and food stamps.

It appears as if he is running an unlicensed digital pawn shop that openly violates the law by buying food stamps for half price from guttermuppets.

However, he is apparently unaware of current market rates if he’s only offering to pay 50% face value for your unwanted EBT. From my experience in this industry the appropriate compensation is 60-65%, which is why Disaster P had a woman show up on his page and undercut him.

Getting undercut by a rival food stamp salesman on your own Facebook page is not a good look. Shalee’s advantage comes from the fact that she clearly does not have trouble procuring food on her own.

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Florida JP tried to warn Disaster P that buying food stamps on Facebook can get him in trouble.

But he’s got it all figured out because “buying food stamps isn’t a crime.” Except it is.

Then again, his understanding of the law seems to be limited to begin with. That’s why he was arrested last year for selling OC’s with his brother Dan.

On Friday, May 11, 2018, officers executed the search warrants and arrested individuals involved in the investigation. As part of the investigation, officers had developed probable cause to arrest Luke Deptula, 33 years old and Daniel Deptula, 35 years old both of 112 Santoro Road, Worcester for Distribution of a Class B Substance (Oxycodone pills). At approximately 7:00 PM with the assistance of the Westborough and Northborough Police Departments, officers located Daniel and Luke Deptula at the Motel 6 in Northborough, MA and placed them under arrest. A subsequent search of Luke Deptula revealed approximately 400 Oxycodone pills.

Luke Deptula is being charged with 3 counts of Distribution of a Class B Substance and Trafficking Class B 36-99. Daniel Deptula is being charged with Distribution of a Class B Substance.

You’ll never guess who Dan’s favorite sportball team is.

Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.

Ever. Single. Time.

Four months after the OC arrest Luke was also charged with selling heroin.

Luke Deptula, 44, Santoro Road, Worcester, pleaded not guilty to possession of heroin with intent to distribute, distribution of a Class B substance, conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act, and trafficking in an opium derivative (36 to 100 grams). Judge James G. Reardon Jr. ordered Deptula held without bail for a dangerousness hearing on Friday.

In between his arrests he tried and failed to sue the City of Worcester for another drug arrest in 2014, and was represented by notorious ambulance chasing attorney Hector Pineiro. Hector has made a career out of filing frivolous lawsuits against the city on behalf of career criminals, and often gets the city to settle because it’s cheaper than defeating him in trial. It should also be noted that Hector’s own son is a notorious gang banger who was sentenced to 5-7 years in jail in 2016. So he’s used to this sort of client. Right around the time Hector took on Luke’s case he was accused by the FBI of knowing that one of his other clients had bribed a witness to lie and say that the client was beaten by the Worcester Police. So if he’s getting his legal advice about selling food stamps on Facebook from Hector, it’s understandable why he would think his actions are permissable.


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