Worcester Mayor Shames Harley-Davidson For Not Letting Diner Steal Their Trademark, Previously Threatened Businesses Who Used City’s Official Seal


Last week we published this blog about Kim Kniskern, the owner of the Miss Worcester Diner who was refusing to abide by the cease and desist letter sent to her from Harley-Davidson due to the illegal use of their trademarked logo on her business.

It’s really simple – you cannot use anyone else’s trademark without their permission.They have legal liabilities they need to worry about, they own it, and if they ask you to take it down then you take it down. It doesn’t matter if you like riding Harley’s, or you’re not profiting off of the sign. They’re lucky they weren’t sued over it, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if they were because they’re blatantly violating the law.

Worcester’s oafish Mayor Joe Petty has since decided to insert himself into the story in the most ignorant way possible.

“It is just as an American icon as is Harley Davidson.” 

No. Just no.

“What is more American than a meal at a diner?”

I don’t know, joining the army? Voting? Those seem slightly more American than eating at a diner simply because they’ve chosen to circumvent trademark law.

“While I believe that brand protection is important, I do not believe that there is any confusion in this case.”

No, actually you do’t think brand protection is important if you’re standing up for this woman’s right to illegally use someone else’s trademarked logo. That’s like saying, “while I think murder is bad, I do not believe Aaron Hernandez is a murderer.”

“I am inviting you for breakfast at Miss Worcester Diner. You will see for yourself there is no appropriation of your brand.”

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This is the very definition of brand appropriation, you pea-brained simpleton. No one outside of Worcester cares about Worcester or plans to visit it, and the CEO of Harley-Davidson doesn’t follow you on Facebook. You’re a nobody, small time mayor. You are not important or relevant in any way, shape, or form. Your invitation to meet up is declined simply because you do not matter nearly as much as you seem to believe that you do.

For those of you unfamiliar with how cartoonish our mayor is in Worcester, three years ago yesterday he held what is possibly the most embarrassingly awkward press conference in the history of politics, which I wrote about here. Two days before the presser he organized a protest of the City Council meeting because one of the city councilors wanted to declare that Worcester wouldn’t be a sanctuary city. He bused in a mob here to protest the councilor he didn’t like, and then they wouldn’t stop yelling so he couldn’t start the meeting, which then prompted him to turn to his left and tell the person next to him, “these people are friggin morons, they are not educated,” not realizing that his microphone was on.

The next day he apologized for calling his OWN SUPPORTERS morons, and his supporters praised him for his honesty.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.18.37 PM

Then the day after that he changed his mind and said it wasn’t him who called the protesters morons, even though he had already apologized and there was undeniable video and audio proof that it was him who said it.

This man is remarkably the longest tenured mayor in Worcester’s history. Some have asked, “how does someone this dumb become mayor?” The answer is simple – he represents a city with a lot of dumb people, and they vote. He passes as a “nice guy,” tries to appease everyone, and doesn’t like Donald Trump. That’s literally all you have to do. You don’t hear about him outside of Worcester like you hear about mayors like Joe Curtatone and Jasiel Correia because he’s not a thief or a rabid SJW. He’s just an easily forgettable man in need of a new taylor who can barely complete a sentence, and thus perfectly represents Worcester. I talked about it all on the live show Saturday night.


Perhaps the most hilarious part about this whole saga is that under Petty’s watch the City of Worcester has cracked down on private company’s using the city’s seal without their permission.


They made the Telegram and Gazette stop using their logo because of a possible infringement. Now the same guy who voted to do that is shaming Harley-Davidson for doing the exact same thing he did.

The Miss Worcester Diner also uses the city’s logo on it.

Guess Mayor Moron missed that one.

I messaged Kim Kniskern about coming on the live show to talk about this, and here’s what she said.

“It’s not going to be beneficial to my cause.”

She’s right. Her cause is presenting herself like a victim when she’s not, and dealing only with those who are sympathetic towards her like Mayor Petty.


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