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Worcester Mom Accuses Son’s Forest Grove Middle School Teacher Of Being Racist Because He Was Suspended For Groping Her Without Consent


The Telegram and Gazette published a story about a student who was suspended for allegedly “hugging his teacher,” and that misleading, one-sided headline has led to a lot of people expressing outrage at Forest Grove Middle School.

A mother is fighting to remove a suspension from the record of her son, who she said was removed from school for four days last month because he hugged his female gym teacher during class. Julie Orozco, who has been the boy’s foster parent since March, said he is a seventh-grader at Forest Grove Middle School. On Sept. 27 the gym class was playing dodgeball when the teacher gave her son a brief time out for “goofing off” with his friends, she said; however, he didn’t want to leave the game. 

According to Orozco, the boy approached the teacher, put his arms around her, and said, “Please let me stay in the game.” He would later describe it as a joke in his own written account, she said. Orozco says the teacher resisted the hug, but that the class went on normally afterward. However, when her son went to his next class, he was called to the main office and told he would be punished for the incident, she said.

In a meeting with Superintendent Maureen Binienda and other district officials on Friday morning, Orozco said, she was specifically told the hug was too “tight, forceful and aggressive,” and that a 12-year-old should have known it was inappropriate.

“Their (the school’s) story seems to constantly evolve to match what he’s being accused of,” she said, adding that the school initially described the encounter as just a hug, without that more negative description. “But not my son’s – his story has been consistent since day one.”

Binienda communicated through her office on Friday that she had no comment on Orozco’s allegations. The boy was initially given a 10-day suspension, but Orozco said she was able to negotiate the punishment down to four days out of school. The recorded offense was also eventually downgraded from assault on staff to a general disruption of school, she said. But Orozco believes her son, who despite his difficult upbringing has had good grades and gotten into no trouble at Forest Grove otherwise, she said, shouldn’t have any mark on his record from the incident. “It makes him extremely vulnerable,” she said.

She also thinks the boy’s race – he is black, while the teacher is white, she said – might have been a factor in the school’s interpretation of the hug and subsequent punishment.

“I absolutely do,” she said, alleging he was told by a school administrator after the incident his hug even could be construed as sexual harassment.

Orozco acknowledged her son had a record of principal visits at his last school, Elm Park Community School. But she said that given the boy’s unstable home life at the time that behavior was explainable. She also argued that considering the district’s recent focus on emotional/social learning – the School Department has made a concerted effort to promote trauma-sensitive education in the last couple years – her son’s situation should have been an opportunity to teach, rather than punish him.

The ordeal has been tough on the boy, she said. When she picked him up at school the day of the incident, “when he saw me, he just started crying,” she said.

“The thing he kept saying (afterward) was, ‘I’m just so confused,’ ” she said. ” ‘If she didn’t want me to hug her, why didn’t she tell me that?’ ”


  • A 12 year old who got in trouble a lot in elementary school started causing problems at his new middle school and found out quickly that he’s not given a pass for this sort of behavior any longer
  • The student was misbehaving in gym class, was told to sit out, said he “didn’t to leave the game” according to his mother (as if that matters), and hugged the gym teacher against her will and without her consent as a “joke”
  • The teacher didn’t like this, reported it to the principal, and was suspended for 10 days, but his foster mother raised hell and got it reduced to 4 days.
  • The student didn’t know he wasn’t allowed to sneak up behind his teachers and hug them, and believes it was the teacher’s job to make that clear beforehand (and his mother agrees)
  • Everyone is racist because her son is black

Julie Orozko has spent most of her career working for various activist non-profits of course.

And as we’ve learned over the years, people who turn everything into a race issue almost always work at non-profits.

She also appears to be an activist.

Shocking that the woman with the black lives matter earrings would assume this is racism.

I can’t believe this needs to be stated in 2019, but no, it’s not OK for your kids to hug their teachers in middle school. Teachers are not their Teddy Ruxpins. The fact that it was a woman makes it even more obviously wrong. It’s not the teacher’s job to tell the students that she doesn’t want to be hugged without her consent. This is what many activists would refer to as “rape culture – the belief that it’s a woman’s job to tell a boy that he’s not allowed to touch her, not the boy’s job to know that ahead of time.

I’m also seeing a lot of people brush this off like the school is overreacting because it’s “just a hug.” Not once in my 13 years of public education was I ever tempted to hug a teacher, especially by the time I was in 7th grade. No, this isn’t normal, and if you think it is then you’re part of the problem. Tell your kids to leave their grubby little paws to themselves.

Let’s not gloss over the fact that her son is admittedly a frequent behavior problem who had already gotten in trouble that period. He was given a punishment (told to sit out), and he admittedly found this punishment unacceptable. Instead of apologizing to the teacher he touched her without her consent, and somehow it’s the teacher’s fault for having a problem with this. Despite the alleged importance of the #MeToo movement, women still rank below people of color on the victim scale.

The media’s goal for years has been to divide us along racial lines, which is why they covered a story like this in the first place. They wrote a one-sided, race baiting hit piece used to attack the superintendent and the teacher’s union. And based on the comments their mission was accomplished.

“Teachers can assault students with no repercussions.”

Yea, that’s what happens. Good comment.

And in the “I’ll take things that never happened for $500” world….


Oh right, kids don’t want to go to school because they can’t hug their teachers. It has nothing to do with the fact that they have to wake up early and do work. Good point.

Oh OK, you hug everyone therefore it’s OK for a kid to sneak up behind his teacher and touch her without her consent. The patriarchy approves of this comment.

It’s also OK because…Europe.

Because a 12 year old black kid from Elm Park apparently thinks he’s living in Vienna.

Yea we should have two sets of rules – one for foster kids and another for gen pop.

Julie Orozco is urging people to share her story of course.

TL;DR – The gym decided to be the bigger person and told her she wouldn’t hold it against her son, and she told the gym teacher that it was “not OK” while staring her down at a meeting. Everyone is to blame but her handsy 12 year old son, who gets a free pass for everything because he’s in foster care.

Then the white savior brigade from Seattle showed up.

A mob is now descending on Forest Grove Middle School, which seems to have taken down their Facebook page. A responsible mother would ask them to stop, try to de-escalate, and resolve the situation on her own. An irresponsible mother would do this:

“Typical Shuan King tactic that has results.”

Talcum X is a white male who is detested by black women all over the world because he’s a sexist, and was recently called out by BLM activist Deray McKesson for being a scam artist who lies frequently in order to enrich his own bank account. Any person who adopted the tactics of Martin Luther Cream has no interest whatsoever in reaching an amicable solution, which is why Julie Orozko is encouraging harassment of her son’s teachers and principal.

This is just the latest unfair attack on Maureen Binienda. They hate the fact that she’s good at her job and doesn’t bow to the woke mob. It would be nice if the Worcester School Committee stood up for their teachers, principals, and superintendent, especially when they’re women who are voicing concerns about being touched by students.

Instead we have elected officials like Molly McCullough, who stand for absolutely nothing and simply do what the mob tells them to do.

Then of course there’s everyone’s favorite recovering addict lame duck member of the School Committee.

Dante, if your 12 year old daughter hugged her gym teacher you wouldn’t know about it because you don’t have custody of her. Choosing drugs over raising your kids will do that. And just because you got your high school diploma a decade after your classmates did doesn’t suddenly make you an expert on anything. Shocking to see that a man is OK with this though. Almost like “progressives” like Dante never actually cared about women or their feelings in the first place.


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