Worcester Mother And Grandmother Arrested For Stabbing Teens With Scissors And Hammer During Brawl At Wendy’s


WHDHTwo Worcester women were arrested after police say they encouraged teens to fight and even attacked two of them with scissors and a hammer on Thursday. Officers responding to a large fight between juveniles in the area of Wendy’s on Park Avenue around 7:49 p.m. learned a fight involving about 15 people had occurred in the area, police said. Two victims were located at a local hospital with various wounds shortly after the incident. 

An investigation determined that juveniles were involved in a large fight that at one point had blocked traffic on Park Avenue. When parents tried to break up the fight, police say Brenda Ortiz, 29, and Brenda Rosario, 47, actually encouraged the teens to fight. At one point Ortiz attacked one of the victims with scissors, causing heavy bleeding, police said, and Rosario struck the victims with what appeared to be a hammer, according to police. Both victims suffered  serious, but not life-threatening injuries, officials said. Ortiz and Rosario were located on Friday and placed under arrest, police said. Rosario had an outstanding warrant at the time, according to police.

They are being charged with mayhem, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (aggravated, serious bodily Injury), reckless endangerment of a child and will be arraigned in court at a later date.

These kids are out of control these days. Where are their parents? Oh, right. It’s Worcester. They orchestrated the whole thing, because, Worcester.

Since when did Wendy’s become the new Denny’s? A couple months ago a 17 year old kid was shot and killed at that same Wendy’s. There’s an empty lot of a former car dealership literally across the street where these people are free to kill each other. But yet they choose Wendy’s.

I guess this is what happens when you can get a junior bacon cheeseburger, 4 piece nugget, fries, AND a small drink for just $4. Three generations of ratchets show up to do battle in order to figure out which future teen Mom has breeding rights to Diego the friendly neighborhood crack dealer. Of course they brought scissors and a hammer with them, because you never know when you’ll have to clip a coupon, nail some plywood together, or stab a junior hoodbooger in the face.

Of course both adults are named Brenda too. Often in families girls share the same last name as their mother, because that’s how families are supposed to work. Not in Worcester though. In Worcester they have same FIRST name, but a different last name in order to keep track of who dumped a load of baby gravy in grandma back in 93 and owes child support.

This is former teen Mom, (who no doubt will soon be a grandma) Brenda Ortiz.

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She up in these streets more than Sesame, and is teaching her daughter how to be a respectable member of society.

We know that Brenda Rosario is her mother because Brenda Ortiz posted this picture on Facebook of Brenda Rosario getting eyed up for a stuffing by an unidentified man in jorts (who looks like if an envelope full of uncashed social security checks had a face) and claimed that “my Mom still got it.”

And by “it” she means, hep-C and food stamps.

Grandma Grundlestains is also convinced that she’s “still got it,” and is an aspiring IG bathroom selfie model who isn’t afraid to show off her tittoos and other finest qualities.

She’s a team player though and really wants you to stay home and save lives.

Because COVID is dangerous. Way more dangerous than two grown women smashing children in the head with hammers and scissors. As long as all participants were wearing masks they should be safe.

All is forgiven though because she’s a church going lady.

Ratchet 3:16 – Thou shalt not allow thy grand crotch fruits to fight fair in the Wendy’s parking lot. Thou shalt always carry carpentry equipment to protect thy flock.

Anyway, last week the City of Worcester gave rapper Joyner Lucas a key to the city and allowed a gigantic mob of people to congregate together in defiance of social distancing and crowd size mandates that have forced businesses to shut down in a city where the schools still are not opened. As Joyner Lucas pointed out, Worcester is where he was born, raised, sold drugs, and first went to jail.

So all the Brenda’s have to do is go on to become world famous rappers and they too can get a key to the city.


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