Worcester Mother Procures Alcohol For 16 Year Old Daughter And Friends, Hosts Lingerie Party At Hotel After Jumping Into Fight Between Teens


In 2017 we were introduced to a Worcester mother who has since appeared in several TB blogs as her children have aged.


Two Worcester teenagers were engaged in a Facebook battle about who go the better of who in a recent physical altercation.


Not exactly sure what is going on here but it sounds important. Very important.

It would appear from visual evidence that hoes are indeed mad.

The argument went on for a few days, and as one of the posters alleged – someone’s mother jumped in. Turns out it was Tinee’s mother, who goes by La Colora on the Facebook machine. And La Colora isn’t a regular Mom – she’s a cool Mom:

That’s why 90% of her pictures on Facebook feature her posterior.

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When one of Tinee’s enemies alleged that Tinee’s mother was a drug addict, Momma Ratchet jumped in to clear her good name.

Yes, if this mother does drugs then it’s none of your business since you don’t be paying for her drugs. Of course.

A normal mother at this time would force her daughters off of social media, and would stay far, far away from this beef between children. Not La Colora though. She made it very clear that the child she was arguing with did not in fact cause injury to her daughter’s face.

If your mother regularly uses phrases like “word to everything,” you’re almost destined to one day end up on TB.

But this teenager evidently thinks this is a normal way for her mother to act.

Mad alliterate. FACKS.

Mom admitted that she “turned 15 again” while watching her daughter fight another child in the street, and thus had no choice but to jump in.

I’m pretty sure what this woman is attempting to communicate is that she brought a knife to the fight (perfectly normal) and if she wanted to stab the 15 year old fighting her daughter she could have (because they’re the “perfect target”), but she refrained from doing so because she’s so mature. Or something.

Momma Ratchet was only getting warmed up though. Once these teenagers started calling her a crackhead she got quite defensive, because obviously her honor, integrity, and reputation in the community must be defended at all costs. So she did what any loving mother would do in this situation – make fun of the child for having a dead mother and threaten other relatives of hers.

Perfectly normal.

Shockingly she doesn’t like the Worcester Police and wants them all to die. That’s why when her daughter was arrested on April 5 she documented it on Facebook, and pulled a “free my boi” with Tinee:

So what happened Momma Ratchet?

They took her daughter “again.” Because, of course “again.” Luckily she got some great advice from Yoly Soto. Clearly this was not the fault of bad parenting or an out of control teenager. It’s the fault of snitches and/or haters. Duh.

Last week Tinee (a 16 year old girl) announced that she was hosting a lingerie party in a hotel room.

Yup, this is a perfectly normal thing for 16 year old girls to be doing. But there’s only one problem – kids this young can’t buy booze, and they can’t rent hotel rooms. Luckily that’s where Momma Ratchet comes in.

in all her glory.

What child hasn’t had a lingerie party with copious amounts of Svedka and Hennessy with their mother and collection of teen mom friends in a Worcester hotel room?

Of course she’s only 32 years old, which makes her the average age of a Worcester Grandmother.

There’s a 99.9% chance Lorelane Laboy collects welfare and we finance this productive lifestyle. Somehow she is allowed to raise children, which to her means getting drunk with them, jumping into their fights, and yelling “free my boi” every time her kid is arrested. And when these students fail English class next year, their teachers will be the ones who are blamed.


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