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Poor Behavior

Worcester Newspaper Publisher Files Over 60 False Police And DCF Reports On Neighbors While Refusing To Pay Rent And Sabotaging Apartment She Squats In 


This is Rosalie Tirella from Worcester.

She’s perpetually unemployed and runs a free newspaper called Cecelia (previously the In City Times) that you can pick up while waiting in line for a sandwich at Bushel n Peck.

Over the years the newspaper has basically turned into a ratchet burn book, where she makes up lies about well known people in Worcester without any consequences. These people include:

She’s written about me several times too (all fictional of course) and she got sued by Milky Mike Gaffney for making up a story about someone wearing blackface to one of his fundraisers (he lost that one too).

Rosalie does this for a living and has a couple advertisers that keep her afloat, but apparently it’s not enough to pay the bills because she’s constantly in housing court and has been evicted at least 4 times.

She’s also been charged with malicious destruction of property and doesn’t like keeping up with her car payments either.

She almost always loses in small claims court because she doesn’t bother showing up, gets defaulted, and has a capias issued for her by the sheriff.

Recently she posted about how a State Trooper named Timothy Harris pulled her over and allegedly stole her license plates, which she’s working to get back with the assistance of State Senator Mike Moore.

Luckily she remembered the plates by heart and made her own.

Here’s what really happened according to the official police report.


Turns out she had an active arrest warrant for negligent driving and nearly hitting a pedestrian, and her registration was revoked because she had no car insurance.

Rosalie resides at 38 Blackstone River Road in the Quinsig Village neighborhood of Worcester, and a Facebook page was started by one of her neighbors that documents her insanity as she faces eviction as a result of her refusal to pay yet another landlord. Not only has Rosalie has gone more than 4 months without paying a dime in rent, she’s also terrorized her neighbors by filing over 60 unsubstantiated DCF and police reports on them. She also has a tendency to destroy her own apartment so she can have a reason to call the board of health.

In particular she goes after Ashley Tibbetts and Alex Haynes, who live beneath her, along with her neighbor Dawn. She’s called the police and DCF on them countless times, making up lies about them electrocuting her dog and neglecting their children and grandchildren. Additionally, she believes that the garbage truck from Casella that picks up their dumpster once a week is in cahoots with Dawn and Trooper Harris to spy on her.

She wants to get them so badly that she threw white paint on her own car, called the police, and didn’t get the outcome she hoped for.

To make matters worse Alex Haynes, who has been living there for over 10 years, had a sister named Darlene Haynes. In 2009, right out of a Lifetime movie while 8 months pregnant, Darlene was murdered by a woman who had recently miscarried, so she could remove the baby from her stomach and pass the child off as her own. Rosalie wrote defamatory statements about Alex and Darlene in In City Times, which forced the court to remove it from the Internet altogether.


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