Worcester Pediatrician Seeks Attention On Twitter By Forcing Kids To Wear Face Shields At Airport, Asking Nike To Sign Her Mentally Abused “Non-Binary” Daughter


This is Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, a pediatrician as UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester.

She is the lovely wife of Heidi Alexander, a former law professor and current “Director of Lawyer Well-Being at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court,” which apparently is a job that you pay for as a taxpayer.

These lady lovebirds have three children, although it’s unclear if they were adopted or turkey baster creations.

If you ever play them in rock-scissors-paper you should always pick rock, because you know what they’re choosing.

Normally I blur out the faces of children in blogs, but in this case Dr. Sarabeth has been using her children as political props on social media for years, so there’s no point in trying to hide them.

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I for one am shocked that the lesbian doctor-attorney power couple would be left wing radicals.

Dr. Sarabeth has been dry begging for attention on Twitter for years now, and desperately wants to be the next Euguene Gu full time doctor/activist. In the past 24 hours she has been ratioed hard (not a good thing) after two of her attention seeking tweets went viral. First was this one from the airport:


No life vests? No helmets? No hazmat suits?

Those children were in infinitely more danger on the car ride to the airport than they are from dying from COVID. This is not only theater, it’s also child abuse. This is using children that someone else gave birth to as a political prop so you can get more followers on Twitter.

The scary part is that this is a person that people in Worcester go to for healthcare for their children. This is the same woman who last July 4 showed a picture of people at the beach and said that she didn’t realize the image “could strike such fear in me.”

If that picture scares you then you are mentally ill. If it doesn’t, then you are a liar. Either way you have no business being a pediatrician because you are dishonest. Remember this next time they cite the American Association of Pediatrics when they tell you to mask your children. These are the “experts” you’re taking your guidance from.

Then there was this desperate plea for relevance in which she used her daughter, who she claims is “non-binary,” and tagged Nike, hoping that the woke slave labor company would be more likely to use her child as a prop in their next marketing campaign.


Must be a coincidence how every single time a child is “transgender” their parents are always left wing activists with pronouns in their bios.

Almost as if they guided her this way.

This is a loving, happy girl.

Two other people created this person, who has XX chromosomes, and for whatever reason decided to put her up for adoption, hoping she would have a better life. These two activists saw this child as a prop they could use, confused the poor girl, bought her some boy clothes, and called her non-binary so that their woke friends would pat them on the back for being progressive. Does this look like a happy child in the image she shared on Twitter?

These people are deranged sociopaths and narcissists, and they abuse children like this so they can brag about it on social media.

It is beyond twisted to do this to a child, but she has been posting about her “queer non-binary kid” for years now, hoping someone would notice her.

She doesn’t even say the girl’s name. She’s just “queer non-binary kid” to her, because without that label she can’t be used to draw attention to Mom #1’s Twitter account.

She’s also been desperately hoping that you saw that she runs outside with a mask on.

It doesn’t make you look tough, it makes you look like an idiot. It makes you look like someone who doesn’t understand the first thing about science or health, and it makes you look like the last person anyone should ever trust with their children.

Last year she virtue signaled about how woke she was by bragging to the world that her family was doing a “black women of cinema marathon.”

That will help bring George Floyd back from the dead.

It should be concerning for everyone when the people we go to for medical advice and healthcare are clearly left wing partisan actors.

She’s so woke that her wokeness from two years ago gets called transphobic by her current day wokeness.


How can you trust anything they say, knowing that their version of healthcare revolves around their personal politics? Last year she was sitting in traffic and doxxed some poor guy who she claimed was a Nazi, and therefore a Trump supporter, because she believed they had put a swastika on their car.

That’s not a swastika, and even if it was it has no association whatsoever with Donald Trump. Imagine she found out that one of her patient’s was a Trump supporter? Do you honestly think that child would be given quality healthcare? This woman is a disgrace, and clearly only wants a certain type of patient. You would be insane to entrust your children to her.

Hey Dr. Sarabeth, you clearly wanted attention, now you’ve got it.



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