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Worcester Repair Shop Owner Adam Haddad Indicted By AG For Smashing Cars With Sledgehammer, Committing Insurance Fraud


Back in October I published a blog exposing this hummus hardo named Adam Haddad for scamming customers and insurance companies, threatening and assaulting insurance appraisers, and not paying taxes while living in a mansion in Shrewsbury.

They were seized when we wrote about them, but quickly were up and doing business again.

Amongst his other shady business dealings:

  • Sherwin Williams sued him for $100,000 after he took out a loan for $175,000, which they covered, and only paid back $75,000 of it
  • Tow companies don’t take checks from him
  • The work he was billing insurance companies for was not consistent with damages, likely because he damaged the cars himself in order to extort money from the insurance companies
  • Appraisers were so scared of him many of them wouldn’t go inside, and when they did they were surrounded by his goons who threatened them if they didn’t record fraudulent damages, while they were doing their jobs
  • Commerce recently took them to court for fraud
  • We also interviewed a bunch of people whose cars were basically held for ransom by Adam Haddad, as simple jobs ended up costing tens of thousands of dollars, likely because he was damaging their vehicles in order to defraud the insurance companies. Again, read the blog we published from October to read it all, so I won’t have to do it all here.

I only bring this up because the Attorney General’s office just indicted him

A Shrewsbury man who owns two automotive repair businesses has been indicted in connection with a complex motor vehicle fraud scheme in which he damaged vehicles and stole $170,000, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today. Adam Haddad, age 42, was indicted on Thursday by a Statewide Grand Jury on the charges of Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud (18 counts), Larceny by False Pretenses Over $1,200 (15 counts), Attempted Larceny (3 counts), and Malicious Destruction of Property (6 counts). ADH Collison of Boston Inc., owned by Haddad and located in Everett, was indicted on charges of Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud (10 counts) and Larceny by False Pretenses Over $1,200 (8 counts).

Accurate Collision Inc., owned by Haddad and located in Worcester, was indicted on the charges of Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud (8 counts) and Larceny by False Pretenses Over $1,200 (7 counts). The defendants will be arraigned in Middlesex County and Worcester County at later dates.

The AG’s Office began its investigation in 2017, after a referral from the Insurance Fraud Bureau. These charges are the result of a joint investigation by the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the AG’s Office and the Everett Police Department. The investigation revealed that over the past four years, Haddad regularly enhanced damage, and caused new damage, to customer’s vehicles in order to falsely inflate appraisal repair quotes for labor, paint and parts reimbursement requests. Haddad would then make an additional profit by pocketing the insurance company’s check and not completing the necessary repairs on the customers’ cars.

Surveillance footage from one of Haddad’s business locations shows him using mallets, sledge hammers, and pieces of wood to intentionally cause damage to five customers’ vehicles.

In total, the AG’s Office alleges that he stole more than $170,000 from 11 different insurance companies. If any member of the public believes they may have been victimized by this conduct or has any information relating to others who may have been victimized, they are encouraged to contact the Attorney General’s Office Insurance Fraud Tip Line at 617-573-5330.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

I’m sure there will be PLENTY of people willing to come forward and share their stories on that fraud tip line. So many people came to us about this douchebag, and we only printed a handful of their stories. Just look at all the people leaving comments already.

These insurance gypsies have made more enemies than Regina George.

There’s more stuff they haven’t charged him with too. Like how he held onto customer’s cars, jacked up the prices to something they couldn’t afford to pay, and then rented the cars out to rental places to make money off of them while they scrambled to find the cash.

But wait, it gets better. According to the Turtlegram he’s denying it and pretending he doesn’t know what they’re talking about:

Mr. Haddad, reached by phone at one of his businesses Monday, denied that he has committed a crime

“That’s news to me,” he said, when told of the charges.

What indictment? I think you got the wrong number!

Ya know who says something like that to a reporter? Someone who thinks the general public is stupid. Someone who has gotten away with lying their entire lives to the point where they are incapable of telling the truth. His scam was so obvious and so well documented, he knew he was being watched, yet he used a sledgehammer to commit fraud anyway. You don’t do something like that if you think there is any chance you will ever be held accountable. People like this need prison to humble them and remind them that there are in fact laws they have to abide by.

These people are the absolute lowest of the low. People need their cars, and they know it. They don’t just defraud insurance companies, they hurt working class people. They extort money from them because they know people need their vehicles to get to work. At least when we exposed Mike Sweeney at Central Auto Body on Park Ave, he wasn’t smashing the cars with sledgehammers on his property. He was doing it in a much more devious way – hiring ratchets to crash into each other using their own cars so that he could jack up the bill and give Pat’s Towing some business. Send this prick to jail where he belongs, take his house away from him, make his wife live in poverty, and send his kids to public school.

P.S. Come on the Live show Adam. We’d love to have you on before you go to jail.




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