Worcester SJWs Refuse To Pay Rent, Start “Rent Strike” Despite Receiving Stimulus Checks Because “Landlords Don’t Work”


I’m all for helping people who were forced out of their job or lost their business per order of the government. These people deserve a helping hand because they were productive, taxpaying citizens, who through no fault of their own lost their ability to earn a living. But the COVID crisis has also brought so many freeloaders out who are trying to take advantage of the government’s generosity. The worst offenders of them all are the “rent strike” people like Alishia Morales from Worcester.

As you can see, she followed in the footsteps of her hero AOC by attending an expensive private university (Boston University) where she wasted her time studying, “youth justice and advocacy.” She of course supports Bernie Sanders, because he appeals to people who avoid personal responsibility and seek to blame other people for their short sighted life choices.

It’s always Bernie. Always. It’s never Mayor Pete, or Sleepy Joe, or Amy K, or even Pocahontas. It makes sense, because Bernie is what they aspire to be one day – a man who never had a real job but promises fellow freeloaders unlimited free things so long as they give money to his campaign to nowhere. He is the ultimate grifter, and so are they.

Alishia Morales uses every predictable SJW Facebook filter known to mankind.

“Stay home.”

This crisis is their dream come true. I’m starting to hate everyone who uses this filter.

She does some two for one filters too.

She “stands with” boys who beat girls in high school athletics and she blindly believes anyone who says they were sexually assaulted, so long as the person they’re accusing is a republican.

But by far her worst filter is this one.

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“Cancel rent.”

The entire purpose of the stimulus check was to help people pay their rents. If you were forced out of your job by the government your landlord can and will be flexible. But prior to the commie cold crisis degenerates like Kate Peter routinely ended up in housing court for not paying their rent, despite receiving government assistance. These people never paid their rent to begin with and now they see this as an opportunity to get a freebee from magical tax tree. Here’s what she posted in the Mutual Aid Worcester Facebook group.

If you received a stimulus check from the government then there’s no reason for you to have your rent forgiven. Are grocery stores being forced to give out free food to people who lost their jobs? Do these people not realize that landlords have to pay mortgages to a bank? They’ve created this imaginary bogeyman of “Wall Street” who they’ve determined should pay for everything. In reality this movement will only hurt landlords, who contrary to popular belief are barely scrapping by themselves.

A woman who actually works as a housing counselor and has helped people avoid homelessness for over a decade, pointed out what a horrible idea this was.

But the BU grad with the Facebook filter knows more than her.

“Have any of you bothered to speak with anyone who actually does the work?”

Of course not. These people don’t ask questions because they already know everything.

If you want to see everything that is wrong with society just read the hundreds of comments on her post. (Looks like they’ve made the group private after the last blog.) For instance, what about landlords who will be foreclosed on if a rent strike happens?

Oh OK. They should be forced to participate. And by that she means landlords should tell the banks they’re on a mortgage strike. That should work. Guess who she voted for?

Of course.

According to Angie it’s “corporate greed” for landlords to need to get paid rent money.

“Who is going to want to live in your apartments when they ask how you handled this pandemic.”

Probably people who intend on paying their rent.

Then there’s Christopher Howard.

According to Fried Dough Freddie landlords are all selfish and people like him will “revolt,” as soon as they’re done playing Fortnite.

He believes that landlords don’t work, therefore they don’t deserve money.

Oh right, landlords don’t “deserve” to get paid money when people live in their homes. After all, they don’t work. When your pipes burst, or when Tubby McGoo here clogs up the drain by wiping his crevice with paper towels, those problems magically fix themselves. Do I even have to say who he supported for President?

Like clockwork.

He says that landlords should take it on the chin instead of tenants because tenants outnumber landlords.

And in doing so he inadvertently illustrated exactly why popular vote democracy is a horrible idea. Once people realize they can vote themselves the keys to the treasury the whole system gets destroyed.

If $1650 a month is too much for you then move to somewhere cheaper or buy a house. You can get a cheaper mortgage than that and there’s a billion and one programs to make that possible. But the idea of ownership is so foreign to these people. They will spend the rest of their lives pissing money away and villainizing people who actually own thing, not realizing that they can own things too.

Your rent is $1650 a month because that’s what the landlord needs to pay his bills. When the building needs a new roof and it costs $30,000 guess who’s paying that? Not Fried Dough Freddie, that’s for sure.

Then he checked the privilege of the woman who works in housing.

She is trying to help people, and unlike you know actually knows how to do that. You don’t, because you work at Game Stop. Nevertheless he persisted in checking his own privilege.

“The banks can afford to go without mortgage payments for a few months.”

Oh OK. It’s just that simple. Congrats on being lower class though. You seem quite proud of being a loser.

These people all think they’re experts, but they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Luckily, just like Bernie Sanders, their movement isn’t going anywhere because Facebook filter revolutions don’t take off as planned.


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