Worcester Spanish Teacher And Social Media Influencer Takes Multiple Vacations To Puerto Rico While Schools Remain Closed, Sends 12 Year Old Daughter Home Alone On Plane


This is Teranie Tirado from Shrewsbury.

She’s a first year Spanish teacher at Worcester North High School after working at Nissitissit Middle School in Pepperell for one year. On top of teaching she somehow manages to have time to be a:

  • Social media influencer (whatever that is)
  • Realtor
  • Board member and social media director on the Latin American Business Association
  • Life coach
  • Volunteer
  • Wealth coach
  • Reporter
  • Activist
  • Mom
  • 2 time author
  • Self described “boss babe”
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Multi-business owner
  • Latina
  • Owner of a CBD business in January 2020 according to an interview she recently did

You can read all about it on her website, which features a banner image of a good looking Latin family that is definitely not her.

The Worcester Public Schools remain closed because the School Committee is in bed with the teacher’s union that pretends they are afraid to go to work due to a virus so they can continue to get paid to work from home. Teranie was quite scared of COVID and would not let anyone near her during the pandemic due to the fact that her son is high risk of dying from it, even though not a single human being under the age of 20 has died from COVID in Massachusetts.

Luckily this fear has not stopped her from regularly getting together with friends to go out without masks on.

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Nor did it stop her from going to Puerto Rico over Christmas break without telling her 12 year old daughter, who she left behind.

She was so afraid of the virus that she once again traveled to Puerto Rico last week to see an elderly woman during a pandemic in which the elderly are most at risk, but brought her daughter this time for a mommy-daughter trip.

The 16 day mommy-daughter trip (because teachers can “work” from anywhere now), turned out to be 6 days of that, followed by 10 days of Mommy plays on Instagram after Teranie sent her 2 year old daughter home alone on a plane because they got into an argument, just 6 days after arriving.

So now it’s just the son and maskless Grandma.

Perhaps the girl was getting in the way of her “empowerment live talk shows.”

It’s not clear how Teranie has time for dominating life in so many ways. Last year she traveled to Punta Cana to shoot the cover of her hit book (that costs $25) called “Island Girl Mindfulness,” written by a woman who lives in Shrewsbury.

The book, which she claimed would be sold at Barnes and Noble, vowed that by 2020 she would be making waves, so much so that you would not be able to walk into a room without people talking about her.

And by “making waves” she meant “ending up on Turtleboy.”

I can tell you from experience that a dedicated public school teacher has no time for a second job, never mind her extensive resume. Nevertheless, her realtor business (which only recently started) must be taking off because she’s constantly posting about how successful she is while sipping champagne and wearing (most likely bootleg) designer clothing.

Contact her for her “coaching” advice and you too could one day end up sipping Coronas outside a pizza place in Worcester.

She recently purchased an Alfa Romeo.

Because if you’re not posting about how glamorous you are on IG, then how will anyone know how awesome your life is whilst posing outside of your small condo off route 20 in Shrewsbury.

Thus is the life of a “social media influencer,” which seems to be code for “attention seeking narcissist who attracts vain women by doing makeup tutorials and backyard fitness videos.”

There is nothing people like this value more than social media attention, and the measure of their success is always in likes from strangers.

First you do something basic, then you attract a crowd, then you get them to donate to your Cashapp for absolutely no reason that’s linked in your bio.

Because she is a woman of color and a teacher she was chosen (or possibly sought out for attention) the Telegram and Gazette to take part in a photoshoot highlighting Worcester’s diversity.

Thus proving why diversity for the sake of diversity is overrated and problematic.

While she was in Puerto Rico she was doing what any normal mother would do while on vacation with family – having her daughter photograph her for “The Gram” (IG) – when she witnessed a woman on her honeymoon drowning, only to see the woman’s husband die while attempting to save her (luckily the drowning wife used his corpse as a flotation device), before two tourists on boogie boards rescued what was left of them and drifted a mile down the beach due to the current.

What are the odds that this empowering and inspirational social media influencer would happen to witness such a dramatic event, just so she could spout some cheap cliches about how short life is? Probably about the same odds that she’d witness something like this a day before warning people not to swim in Puerto Rico because of the waves.

Was it true? I couldn’t find anything on it, but that doesn’t matter because it’s inspirational. Just shut up and be inspired.

Don’t ask how she knew that these complete strangers she saw die at the beach were on their honeymoon. Just pursue your dreams and goals and smash that subscribe button.

As part of her life coaching she teaches her followers how to build wealth with just a few simple steps, and how to get on the road to becoming a millionaire like she is.

She’s been to webinars, presentations, AND workshops, so you know she’s legit.

However, despite the enormity of her success Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (a debt collection company) won a $6,687 judgment against her in 2018 (likely because she ran up a bunch of credit cards she didn’t feel like paying off).

But that was 2018, and she’s an empowered social media influencer/Spanish teacher now, so she has new streams of income coming from hawking MLM weight loss drinks.

Yet despite this she seems to actually have a following

The most amazing part is that due to her “identity” and perceived value as an “influencer,” she seems to be taken seriously by serious people who matter. She “networks” with other business owners.

She gets interviews with the Worcester Police media relations which she has filmed with an iPhone outside on a windy day so you can’t hear a word anyone is saying.

She doesn’t really seem to know the first thing about politics, but is a big supporter of absurd BLM videos and legendary ratchet Worcester City Councillor Sarai “Ti-ti ho” Rivera.

If you have children enrolled at Worcester North, or any Worcester Public School, just know that your children are being denied a quality, in-person education while their teachers are taking multiple vacations to Caribbean islands, and running side businesses as realtors, social media influencers, and life coaches.


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