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Poor Behavior

Worcester Teens Raid Vernon Hill Softball Game, Pull Pants Down, Threaten Coaches And Parents, Bring Knives 


A girl’s softball game in Worcester was interrupted and all hell broke loose on Monday when some Junior McRatchets raided the Vernon Hill field for absolutely no reason, pulled their pants down, threatened coaches and parents, said they had a knife, had the cops called on them, came back, and eventually drove the coaches and parents off the field.


Vernon Hill is filled with kids like this, as are many neighborhoods in Worcester.

I used to lifeguard at the Worcester pools and I can assure you that this is pretty standard behavior for urban Worcester kids with nothing to do in the summer. They pool hop after we left, threw lifeguards in the pool, drove their stolen bikes inside the facility, and one of them made a bomb out of a tennis ball and decided to blow up the guard shack at University Park one night. Police regularly patrolled the pools and if we needed them they’d be there in less than 60 seconds. Their should be a police detail at every game, because the second the cops come they all scatter like rats. It’s just a game for them.

But this all changes when school starts because school is the only thing in their lives providing them with structure. Teachers, principals, and guidance counselors hold them accountable for bad behavior and punish them when it’s necessary. Believe it or not the kids actually appreciate that since they’re the only grownups in their lives who actually seem like they care about them. These are kids who pretend that they don’t like rules, but at the end of the day they actually respect a stern teacher or principal who doesn’t let them get away with acting like a cretin. They see kids like the ones playing softball at games with their parents, and they wish they had parents who cared about them like that. It’s natural for kids to want someone to tell them what to do, and their parents don’t do that.

I taught an alternative school in Worcester for two years. All you hear from these kids all day are war stories, bragging about how they ran from the cops or who kicked whose ass, etc. But when they’re in school teachers can show them a completely different way of living. Most will not be reached, but some will.

These videos of Field of Broken Dreams are exactly why we need schools to open. How many kids in that video know who their father is and sees them on a regular basis? Spoiler alert – few if any. They live in triple deckers with no AC, there’s nothing for them to do, they have negligent parents who ignore them and let them roam free, and the only way they keep themselves occupied is by causing trouble. If you’ve never lived in or hung out in these neighborhoods it’s hard to understand because it’s a completely different culture within a culture.

Does anyone think any of these kids are going to do their “remote learning” in a couple weeks? These are the kids who need school the most because they have no structure whatsoever at home or in their neighborhoods. While kids from the west side have parents that will make sure they keep up with their assignments and never miss a Zoom call, these kids will be out pulling their pants down and threatening to knife people because no adult in their life is telling them not to. But the teachers’s union is run by people who pretend to care about these kids, just not enough to provide the structure and discipline they need because they’re pretending to be scared of a virus and prefer working from home.

And before you whine about this is “racist,” just ask the kids themselves and they’ll tell you the same thing.

City Councilor Kate Toomey, who has been really good on police issues, says that they can’t put the rims back on the basketball hoops because of COVID too.

When will people wake up and realize that the reason the virus seems to kill black and brown people at disproportionate rates is BECAUSE of the lockdown? Do you think these kids won’t congregate and breathe all over each other without a basketball hoop? These kids show up to fields with knives and start fights with coaches. You think they care about COVID? They’ve probably all had it anyway at this point since the hood never bothered social distancing in the first place. Almost every kid in that video was not wearing a mask because COVID is a joke to them, and understandably so since no one in their age demographic has died form COVID in this state. Most probably don’t know anyone who died from COVID since the majority of victims were in poorly managed state nursing homes run by Charlie Baker’s friends.

Newsflash Kate – ghetto kids don’t want to play baseball or soccer. They want to play basketball. Taking that away leaves them with one less thing to do, so this is how they amuse themselves. A lot of people will blame bad parenting for what you saw in those videos, and they’d be right. But bad parenting exists and one of the ways we combat that is by having public schools. Open the schools and end the ridiculous lockdown.


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