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Worcester Woman Announces Plan To Abuse New Racist Labeling Function On Yelp To Destroy Immigrant Owned Millbury Pizza Shop, Has “Business” Of Her Own 


Last night we published a blog about a Millbury pizza shop that was under attack by the mob for making a specialty Trump themed pizza and selling it to a customer.

But in the digital era this can be a lot more harmful then just a day or two of negative comments before the mob turns on its next target. Because of the power that tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Yelp have, they can make your business virtually disappear, or prevent new customers from coming there. Most people use one of those platforms to read up on a restaurant or business before going there. Some bad reviews can affect where you come up on Google rankings for certain keywords (like pizza), or eliminate your presence on Facebook altogether.

A bigger problem arises when the platform itself decides to editorialize, which Yelp announced last week it would be doing.

Notice Yelp isn’t labeling businesses that employ sex offenders so you know not to bring kids there. That’s because thanks to black lives matter, being labeled as a racist is much worse than being known as a pedophile or a rapist. There is no forgiveness and no redemption for racists. Everything you love and work for must be destroyed because mobs feel like they’re correcting a societal ill by making you destitute. And they will arbitrarily decide what is and isn’t racist.

I look forward to Yelp getting sued over this for branding businesses with a scarlet R. They’re currently protected from lawsuits if someone leaves a fraudulent review of a business by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, because they are simply a neutral platform and not a publisher. They are a space where people can share their opinions, not the ones sharing opinions. This changes the moment they editorialize like this.

Many predicted that this new function could and would be abused by a woke mob, since racism is whatever the mob and some 24 year old gender studies grad in Santa Clara decides it is. And almost on cue they’ve decided to abuse this process with A&D Pizza, starting with this woman.

Letticia Freitas is an aspiring musician who hopes to one day be an American Idol reject.

She became the first person on record to publicly announce that she would be abusing Yelp’s new racist branding feature.

“Nobody gives a f*** about immigrants.”

A&D Pizza appears to be owned by Greek immigrants who came here in 2007. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into their business and earned their reputation over time. They worked 7 days a week for years, paid taxes, came here legally, and embody the American dream.

But racist white nativist Americans like Lettuce Wrap think that the only immigrants who matter are those who come here illegally by walking in. They hate people who obey the law and refuse to be victims, and they’re willing to destroy their livelihoods over a pizza topping because it’s something to do on a Tuesday.

Others like Glenn Despress (Greg Borden now), who has been known to date underage girls while in his 20’s, followed her lead.

“Maybe see things from a different point of view.” – Someone who has never even considered seeing things from a different point of view.

Letticia was just getting warmed up though. When the owners tried to explain why they made a pizza at a pizza shop and sold it to a customer she wasn’t satisfied with their explanation.

According to her LinkedIn Letticia is from Northborough and owns her own business too, called “Empire General Home Services,” which does construction and house cleaning.

Because building homes and cleaning them are basically the same thing. Just let her in your house. It’s not like she was recently charged with A&B on a cop, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, and sentenced to 90 days in jail.

You can trust her. She cares about fixing racism one pizza at a time. And she’ll destroy any business you ask her to if you need references.

Her LinkedIn says she lives in Northborough but her courthouse records and Empire General Home Services are located in Worcester according to their Yelp page.

Yes, that’s right – she has a Yelp page. Of course it doesn’t matter if she gets flooded with fake reviews labeling her as a racist (which she is) because you need to have customers first before you lose them.


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