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Worcester Woman Blames Police For Deadly Crash After Teens In Stolen Car Hit Two Vehicles Driving 70 MPH Through Red Light In Downtown


Kirsch liquors is the most ghetto liquor store in Worcester, and is basically the Gateway Arch separating downtown Worcester from Main South. Any time you drive by there you are guaranteed to see a junkie jamboree, but for whatever reason it’s also the preferred place for criminals to crash their cars.


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Over the weekend Kirsch liquors once again became the site of a horrific crash involving ghetto muppets. A stolen SUV, driven by 4 juveniles under the age of 16 and one 18 year old, blew through a red light heading north on Main Street and crashed into two cars driving through the intersection with Chandler Street. A 13 year old female passenger in the white SUV was killed.

A horrific video shot at the scene shows at least 3 of the the teens, including the driver, were ejected from the vehicle that was driving 68 mph.


Thank God no innocent people were killed or seriously injured. Just the criminals. If your 13 year old kids are driving around going 68 mph in a stolen car in Main South then you have completely failed as a parent because obviously haven’t instilled any values in your children. As a result one is dead, one is in a coma, and the rest are critically injured.

But instead of blaming themselves or their juvenile delinquent children, at least one of the caregivers is blaming the Worcester Police for chasing them. For the record, it is the policy of WPD and other law enforcement agencies not to pursue cars in high speed chases, especially in residential areas. WPD initially said that they were not chasing the stolen car.

Then this woman showed up:

Erica Clay is the aunt of one of the teen car thieves, and is a big supporter of BLM and the communist street riots they initiated in the name of St. George Floyd.


She’s high educated with two degrees, and was valedictorian of something.

If this doesn’t scream “valedictorian” and “business degree” then I don’t know what does.


Her double major degree is being put to good use selling plus sized panties on Facebook.

Somehow Pepperoni Pinatas became the official spokesperson for her 15 year old car thief nephew, who is currently in a coma. Instead of sitting with him in the hospital and grieving with the other families she’s been on social media blaming the cops for what her nephew and his friends did. She has been posting a surveillance video showing the white SUV traveling at a high rate of speed down Main Street. Seconds later you can see people come outside and gawk at the accident. Approximately 15 seconds after seeing the white SUV go by you see blue lights, but the officer stops his car and turns around. At least a dozen cars travel in the direction of the crash before finally 90 seconds after the crash two more cruisers show up with their blue lights on:

This video proves that they were not being chased. If they were then the cop car would’ve been a lot closer. If anything it looks like the car with its blue lights on was traveling slowly behind the speeding car, but still trying to keep an eye on it.

Nevertheless, Pepperoni Pinatas blamed police for the crash.


These kids:

  1. Stole a vehicle
  2. Drove it 68 mph on Main Street
  3. Ran through a red light
  4. Crashed into 2 cars
  5. Were not wearing seatbelts
  6. Parents had no idea where they were

Only in BLM America could this possibly be considered the police’s fault. This woman is projecting her own failures as a caregiver onto the police. She says she wants to “do right by these babies.”


Newsflash – they aren’t babies. They’re juvenile delinquent criminals who might as well have been raised by wolves. You could’ve “done right” by them by teaching them to obey the law and knowing where they were on a Saturday night.

But it’s OK because they had their lights on.

She actually said that. The two innocent people they hit had plenty of warning because the car that plowed into them had their lights on.

Erica Clay did what any grieving family member would do if their kid was in a coma – urge everyone to share the video to shame police, and then tag Al Sharpton.

Wrong decade lady. The grifter you’re looking for is Ben Crump.

She wants people to be the voice for the little girl who lost her life.

I’ll be her voice. The 13 year old criminal driving in a stolen car could’ve easily gotten an innocent person killed, but instead she died because nobody ever taught her right from wrong. The end.

Pepperoni Pinatas continued to say over and over again that the police “caused” the accident by pursuing.

Except the video shows the police were not pursuing, and the cause of the accident was a juvenile driving 68 mph through a red light.

A very reasonable person on her Facebook roster attempted to explain why she was wrong to blame police, but she wasn’t trying to hear any of that.

BLM doesn’t believe in personal responsibility. Everything is the cop’s fault all the time. Just shut up, share the video, and spread the false narrative like a good ally.


She was really hung up on the officer turning around and going away from the crash.

  1. What difference does that make? They didn’t cause the crash.
  2. Why is this what you’re focusing on if your nephew is in a coma?

She didn’t even know how old the girl was when she died because she was too busy focusing on who was using the laugh emoji.

People aren’t laughing at the dead kid, they’re laughing at you for trying to blame this one on the cops.

Pepperoni Pinatas vowed to “start a California forest fire in Massachusetts, in the name of Allah,” if she saw people “speaking ill of the parents.” She then proceeded to blame one of the other parents at 8 Mott Street for letting the kids drink and drive in a stolen car, DCF for not taking kids away from this parent, and the police for not preemptively arresting the parent on warrants.

  1. Every parent involved in this failed equally and they should have all have lost their kids to DCF a long time ago.
  2. Do you know how many people in Worcester have warrants? Half the population east of Park Ave. You can’t ask for the police to be defunded and then cry that they’re not warrant hunting.
  3. If your kid is in a coma then why are you wasting time looking through comments to see who’s speaking ill of your parenting? Add me to the list though.

It’s not even clear what Erica’s relationship is with her nephew or why she’s the family spokeswoman. According to one of her first posts the mother goes by Melanin Monroe on Facebook.

And she has her own kids, including a 15 year old daughter whose birthday she commemorated by posting a picture of her sagging gerber servers.


Nevertheless, it was Pepperoni Pinatas getting the troops riled up, which forced the police to respond to the social media outrage with a press conference explaining what happened.

In summation:

  • An officer in Main South had left his car in the area of May and Main Street (about half a mile from the crash) after being transported by ambulance to the hospital earlier in the night
  • 2 officers in one patrol car were in the area to retrieve the vehicle and put their lights on
  • The white SUV was waiting at a red light at the corner of May and Main, and was spooked by the patrol car’s blue lights since they were in a stolen vehicle
  • This prompted the white SUV to turn north onto Main Street and drive at a high rate of speed
  • The officers briefly followed the vehicle but did not pursue, and instead contacted dispatch about an erratic driver before doing a U-turn to retrieve the cruiser they were looking for
  • One of the officers in the cruiser that did the U-turn got into the vehicle to drive it to the hospital
  • Dispatch reported the crash and the other officer, along with another unit in the area, put their blue lights on and rushed to the scene of the crash
  • The officers being vilified helped provide aid to the teens lying on the ground
  • The cops were not aware that the white SUV was stolen as they had not had time to run the plates, but the teenagers were spooked when they saw blue lights and began to flee

The most enraging part about that press conference are the reporters who kept grilling the police about why the cops did the U-turn, and whether or not they were driving away from the crash on purpose, which only gave credibility to Pepperoni Pinatas. The scanner transmissions clearly confirm the police’s story:

But even so, who cares why they did a U-turn? The teens were driving almost 70 in a stolen car on Main Street and went through a red light. A cop driving to the crash instead of doing a U-Turn wouldn’t have saved the girl from dying or the passengers from being ejected. The only question that should be asked right now is where were their parents, and why hasn’t the driver been charged yet?

Meanwhile Erica is so upset and grieving about what happened that she had time to get her hair and nails done before the press conference.

Gee whiz, she sure presented herself differently for this press conference:

Almost as if she didn’t wanna come across as the bonkjuice bait, plus sized panties salesman that she portrays herself to be on Facebook.


She’s prim and proper when the cameras are rolling, meanwhile she’s on social media threatening to throw down with the parent of any child who attempts to f*** with her kid.


Maybe if she put as much effort into making sure her kids didn’t steal cars she wouldn’t be in this situation.

At the press conference she was Claire Huxtable, but on Facebook she’s Lean Latifah, calling out rival hoes and claiming ownership of spicy looking caucasian chicks looking to experiment.



You know that you’re a good role model when you’re posting graveyard glamour shots while visiting a guy named OG Steelz, and throwing up gang signs with the Chandler Boyz.

She and her brother Tyrone said several times during their interview that they weren’t jumping to any conclusions. When asked if they believed the police when they said there was no chase, they said it was questionable, but hadn’t seen the whole video and wanted to get all the facts.


This is in direct contrast to her posts, in which she repeatedly states that the cops caused the crash by pursuing.

They also called for an “independent investigation” into the police, just like Monica Cannon-Grant repeatedly did with the Mikayla Miller hoax last May.

But Erica didn’t care because she’s just looking for attention and soaking in her 15 minutes. She’s been bragging about how she “started a California forest fire” by being on TV, and how she forced the police to call a press conference, while simultaneously claiming that she didn’t choose this.



She really seems to believe that she proved something by posting a video confirming WPD’s version of events, simply because she used social media to force them into a press conference.


On Saturday there will be a candlelight vigil for the the dead car thief and her accomplices, which is being promoted by School Committee member Tracy Novick, the mot obnoxious person who has ever lived.

But make no mistake about it – they will use this as an opportunity to blame police instead of demanding that parents do a better job raising their kids, and the cycle will repeat itself. The mainstream media won’t call out the real problem here because they’re too afraid to blame bad parenting for anything. But Turtleboy will, because we say the common sense truth around here that every normal person is thinking, even when it’s “controversial.”


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