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Worcester Woman Wanted By Police For Robbing Nursing Home, Assaulting 3 Women, Identified As Elanna Williams


The Worcester Police are looking for a woman who assaulted several people while attempting to rob a nursing home in Worcester this week.

TurtlegramPolice are seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman who is wanted for questioning in a robbery at a city nursing home. Several employees of Christopher House suffered serious injuries during the robbery, including a concussion and broken bones, police said in a statement. The suspect was described as Hispanic, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a heavy build and black hair tied in a tight bun. She drove a maroon sport utility vehicle with a “LYFT” sticker on the windshield, with rims described as “fancy,” according to police. Authorities released a two-minute video of the robbery in which the suspect is seen entering an office. Shortly thereafter, a worker goes into the office, then backs out and tries to barricade the woman inside, without success. Other workers made unsuccessful attempts at keeping the suspect on site.

“She started taking things that didn’t belong to her. She took a purse [from] some of the employees and confronted her and she got very violent with them,” said Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha. 

Witnesses told police the suspect was driving a maroon SUV that had a Lyft sticker in the back windshield “and had some rims that were out of the ordinary,” Murtha said. “They were described as fancy rims on the SUV. It stands out a little bit, so hopefully, someone else knows who she is,” said Murtha. 

The only worse than the woman who assaulted all those employees was the guy who watched it all happen, did nothing, and walked away as the woman handled this velociratchet.

I know criminals aren’t known for their intellect, but it would seem that robbing a nursing home would be low on the list of possible targets when considering a place that has ample amounts of cash on hand. There are easier ways to get your hands on more food stamps.

TB Daily News has confirmed with sources as well as police that the suspect is Elanna Williams from Worcester.

If, “I’m two classes away from finishing my GED” had a face. The black coat with the brown puffy hood that she left behind like a ratchet Cinderella is basically the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat for urban hoodrat females.

By the looks of her Facebook account, using the name Elanna Rosellas, she appears to have a small litter of crotch fruits. Our sources tell us that the Worcester Police know it’s her but can’t find her. I for one am shocked that this woman would abandon her family in order to save her own skin. Seems so out of character for her.

Meanwhile Elanna is over here on Facebook lecturing other people about their lack of parenting skills while calling herself a queen.

Queen Vicwhoria always did have a penchant for robbing nursing homes and assaulting multiple women in order get her hands on a purse. Looks like the barbecue will be one short this year.


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