Worcester Woman Who Just Moved Here From Oregon Looking For Non-White Pediatrician And Dentist 


This is Nicole Henry, an Oregon transplant who recently moved to Worcester.

One of the first things she did after moving here was join a local Facebook group and ask this completely normal, non-racist question.

It’s getting really weird how socially acceptable it is for people to announce to the world that they’re looking for a pediatrician and dentist, and the only pre-requisite is that you can’t be white. They must be a “person of color.” Any color will do, as long as it’s colorful. Except maybe Asian. She’ll have no trouble finding an Asian pediatrician, but I don’t think they count.

Of course this is nothing more than performative virtue signaling from a new woman to town, trying to show off her brand of west coast activism that she brought with her from communist Oregon. If she wanted a black, brown, purple, or indigo colored doctor then she could find one by researching or calling her healthcare provider. They’d probably tell her that they can’t answer that for her, since it’s blatantly discriminatory, but eventually she’d find one on her own.

However, if she did that then no one would see it and realize how woke she is, so it would completely defeat the purpose.

I talked last night on the live show about how this is all a result of George Floyd’s death. Somehow it’s become normalized for white people to post things like, “does anyone know where I can find any black owned restaurants?”, or pretend to like Ethiopian food and not get mocked.

A white woman virtue signaling about eating food from a country most associated with starvation. Amazing.

Nickelodeon has this very cringe commercial that plays on every show called “Celebrate Black Sunshine. Watch:

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That was just 90 seconds of an American family living their life. But yet we’re supposed to celebrate it because the kids are “black sunshine.” This is the kind of cringe, lowered expectations we’ve created for black people now? They’re living their lives like normal people and it’s to be celebrated like some sort of accomplishment because they’re not white? Imagine, just for a moment, if there were a commercial like this with white families entitled, “Shine, shine, my white sunshine.” You can’t, because being white has become something to be ashamed about, and Nicole Henry’s brain is filled with white shame.

Evidently Nicole adopted a black child who she frequently uses for racial propaganda.

I remember watching Batman when I was a kid and thinking, “I’m so happy that he looks like me.”

Oh wait, I never said that because I looked nothing like Bruce Wayne and I don’t identify with people based solely on the color of their skin.

White women like this obsess about race though because it gives them purpose.

Yea, the totally nonexistent southern border crisis. Glad that’s not a thing.

Anyway, she’s also looking for a diverse high school in Worcester to send her kid to, even though in Worcester your high school is determined by the part of the city you live in.

It’s Worcester. They’re all diverse, yet still segregated. Go into any of these high schools at lunch and look where kids choose to sit. Something tells me when your daughter goes to Burncoat she’s not gonna be sitting at the Great Brook Valley lunch table.

Stop trying so hard to prove to the world you’re not racist, when you can just not be racist and carry on like a normal human being.


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