Worcester Youth Softball League Allows Drunken Pediatric Nurse To Terrorize Children And Parents Who Have A Restraining Order On Her For Assault


This is Kelley Minier-Espinal, AKA Kelley Goodrich, from Worcester.

She’s a pediatric nurse at UMass Memorial.

Her baby was in danger of being deported 9 years ago so she decided to save him with a Change.org petition that was signed by 26 people.

Kelley is the mother of 4 children, and has also been terrorizing another family whose daughter plays her daughter in Worcester’s District 4 softball recreational league. It began on April 29 when Kelley showed up to a game drunk and belligerent, prompting parents to leave and a call to the police. A week later on May 7 Kelley’s daughter’s team was playing another team and they ended up getting killed. Kelley was once again belligerent at the game and went at it with parents from the other team named Jennifer and Colin Silva. Later that night she showed up at the Silva’s home and ended up confronting and assaulting her mother while wearing a UMass Memorial jacket and a mask. Here’s the tape:

The cops were called, charges were pressed against Kelley, and a restraining order was granted. The order stipulated that Kelley must stay 50 yards away from the victims – Jennifer and Colin Silva – and 10 yards away from their daughter.


The League was provided with a copy of the order, as the girl’s teams were slated to play again on May 20 at Vernon Hill, and the Silva’s didn’t want their daughter to be harassed by this deranged lunatic. But the league did nothing and Kelley showed up anyway with her boyfriend David Santiago, who had a knife on him. She stood next to the dugout for much of the game and was well within 50 yards of Colin Silva, who was coaching his daughter’s team in the opposing dugout. When the Silva’s daughter came to bat (who also had an order on Kelley) she reportedly was taunted by the grown woman and UMass Memorial nurse.

“Go ahead and hit her.”

“She won’t be any uglier, she has no friends, nobody likes her.”

Colin Silva objected, and when Kelley’s family began to escalate the umpire called the blowout game with one out remaining. Silva called the police and Kelley was arrested and charged for violating the harassment prevention order.


The Silva’s reached out to the league administrators as well as Little League international, regarding their failure to take any steps to protect a child from this deranged and dangerous woman. Instead of being received with compassion the league asked that Colin stop coaching because his “domestic” complaints were bothering them. According to an email from administrator Kris Sleight, the league wouldn’t ban Kelley from attending games that the Silva’s were at, despite the existence of the order, because it was a domestic problem. They claimed they couldn’t ban people because it was a public park, which is completely untrue, and Sleight said he consulted with his “friend who is an attorney,” so that settles that.

They even acknowledged the fact that she had previously come to games drunk and verbally abusive towards children, but the league chose to do nothing.

League administrator Linda McGill wrote to Jennifer Silva and quoted Silva’s email to her with McGill’s responses. She once again stated that the league could not tell the drunken abusive criminal with multiple restraining orders out against her that she wasn’t allowed to attend games where her victims were present.

On May 23 the Silva’s and Kelley attended a hearing to extend the harassment prevention order for a year, which was granted, and Kelley was ordered to stay 50 yards away from the Silva parents and their daughter. An order was also granted against David Santiago, Kelley’s homeless boyfriend who showed up with a knife at a children’s game.



Samantha Mahaffey from Little League International sent the Silva’s an email on June 1 basically saying the same thing the league said – they weren’t going to tell a parent to stop attending softball games despite the fact that she terrorizes children and has a court order preventing her from being there.

So apparently Worcester District 4 softball is willing to do absolutely nothing to protect children from violent offenders and UMass Memorial employs these same people to work with other people’s children as a nurse. Makes sense.


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