Worcester’s First Latina Superintendent Is Actually White, Lied Repeatedly About Being Hispanic To Get Job


This is Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Rachel Monarrez.

She replaced the extremely well liked and popular Superintendent Maureen Binienda, who spent her career as a teacher and principal in the WPS. The problem for Binienda was twofold:

  1. She was from Worcester and well liked by “townies”
  2. She’s the wrong skin color

As an actual educator, Binienda wanted nothing to do with the divisive nonsense and focus on DEI and race. She was hated by activists because of that.

Social justice warriors are obsessed with national searches for superintendents because they believe that hiring someone from within in the school system is provincial and contributes to structural racism (white townies hire more white townies). They’d rather waste taxpayer money on a national search to find someone with a PhD who regurgitates the wokest buzzwords of the week.

The Worcester School Committee narrowed their candidates down to 4, and they were praised because none of the candidates were white or from Worcester. Three of them were black (2 from Boston and one from Philadelphia), and Monerraz was presented as the Latina candidate. She was the Assistant Superintendent in the San Bernadino Public Schools and spoke fluent Spanish, so she was the preferred candidate for Worcester, which has a large Latino student population. The NAACP and the local media championed her as the first Latino Superintendent of a school district where 47% of students are Latino.

There’s just one problem though – Rachel Monerraz is white. Completely, 100% white. We learned this recently when she did an interview with the most dangerous driver in Massachusetts – former State Senate President Harriette Chandler. During the interview Chandler asked her about her Hispanic background, but Monerraz quickly corrected her and said that she was adopted by an “Anglo family” (woke for “white”). Her birth parents, who she recently found, are Russian and Syrian, neither of which qualify as Hispanic. She was quick to point out that her husband is Mexican (thus the last name), and she listens to Spanish music, so she’s basically an honorary Latina.

So Worcester wanted to get rid of Maureen Binienda because they didn’t want a white woman running the public schools, and the solution was to do a national search and hire a white woman from California who doesn’t know anything about the community she’s now in charge of.

Yay equity!

Being Latina was a huge part of Monerraz’ brand. She even has She/Her/Ella pronouns in her Twitter bio.


A couple weeks ago the “Doctor” who is in charge of Chelsea’s failing public schools and also identifies as Latina, tweeted that the Latina superintendents had found each other at a meeting. Monerraz was tagged, and instead of correcting her she replied with #Latinapower.

You are white dear. As white as white can be. Rachel Dolezal would be proud.

It’s starting to make sense now. Watch this video Monerraz made after being hired for the job this past summer. At the 1:15 mark a student asks her a question in Spanish (which they don’t translate to English for some reason), and she answers her in Spanish. But listen to her accent when she speaks.

That is what I sounded like speaking French junior of high school. That is a white person speaking a language they clearly don’t speak very often, and she no scent of a Hispanic accent. At least AOC can fake it when she rolls her R’s.

During her interview for the job a student representative asked Monerraz how she would connect with students who don’t look like her (of course, this is what kids are not trained to believe is what matters more than anything). At the 45:45 mark she answers the question by announcing that she is an adopted child who grew up with parents who didn’t look like her, but recently found her birth parents who do look like her.

The implication was obvious – she’s a Hispanic person adopted by white parents who don’t look like her, but found her Hispanic birth parents who do look like her. In reality she’s a white person who was adopted by white parents and she doesn’t look like them because she’s not blood related to them. She looks like her white birth parents because they share the same DNA.

Anyway, I find this whole situation hilarious. Every time this happens it completely destroys the narrative of white privilege, because she literally had to pretend not to be white in order to get a leg up on winning the job in a field full of minority candidates.  The Worcester media hates me because I got my start here exposing them as useless by breaking stories like this, before moving on to bigger fish. I highly doubt they’ll report on this because it disrupts their narrative, but we will see if Dr. Monerraz returns my request for comment.


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