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YouTube Suspended Us For “Medical Misinformation” On Last Night’s Show About Religious Exemption Committees So We Uploaded It To Rumble


Last night’s Turtleboy Live Show about the capricious, arbitrary, and Orwellian Religious Exemption Committee at Brigham and Women’s Hospital was removed by YouTube for “medical misinformation,” particularly “claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from health authorities.”

Because you must never questions “health authorities” who constantly have gotten things wrong and lied to the public throughout the pandemic. If you contradict these health authorities then innocent people will die. Your speech is that dangerous. Consequently we have a one week suspension from live streaming on YouTube.

Thursday and Saturday night’s live shows will now be streamed on the Clarence Woods Emerson Facebook page, which you can follow by clicking here

I didn’t share any “misinformation” during the show. The point of the episode was to discuss the blog I had just written about the Religious Exemption Committee, and how some employees were granted exemptions for being sufficiently religious, while others were not. During the show I asked the really important question here – what even IS religion? Isn’t it just something man made up that we just put our faith in because it’s too bleak to go through life thinking there isn’t a higher purpose? If they’re going to grant religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine then what’s to stop someone from making up their own religion and stating that they don’t believe in any vaccines? What makes my made up religion any less legitimate than any other religion on Earth if I truly believe in it? If it’s actually life or death to get the vaccine then why are they granting religious exemptions at all? What expertise do these unnamed committee members have in theology and religion to decide who is sufficiently religious?

These are important questions that free people should be able to discuss. But YouTube is a private company censoring people at the behest of the federal government, so they can do whatever they want.

Eventually we will be kicked off YouTube – it’s inevitable. Luckily all this censorship from tech companies has led to new streaming sites that don’t censor contrarian opinions. That’s why we created a Rumble account, and urge you all to create one too so you can subscribe to our channel here. Rumble is a YouTube alternative that Glenn Greenwald, Dan Bongino, and other dissenting pundits use. Once we build up a big enough audience there we will leave YouTube for good and exclusively use Rumble. In the meantime, we saved and uploaded last night’s episode to Rumble in anticipation of this happening, so you can watch it if you missed it last night.




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