46 Year Old Man Rod Webber Who Lives With Mom In Needham Burns American Flag In Quincy After Crying To Police When First Attempt Failed


Rod Webber and failed softcore porn star Lauren Pespisa were in Quincy yesterday doing what they normally do – not working.

There was a blue lives matter rally, which attracts these two winners like free food stamps on the first of the month. It should be noted that Rod Webber is a 46 year old man who lives with his mother in their $1 million home on Oakrest Rd in Needham. Diane Webber has a cushy job at Curry College as a professor so she can afford to let her nearly 50 year old son play Antifa while mooching off her indefinitely.

I’m sure this is quite embarrassing for her.

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Lauren Pespisa is a well known meth dealer and hacker who went to jail and was featured in this hackers documentary at the 10 and 27 minute marks.

She can also be found on couch surfing websites, trying and failing at modeling, and attempting to make it as a topless movie star without breasts.

Like Rod, Lauren is a basic white woman from a wealthy Boston suburb (Boxboro) who has had every opportunity handed to her in life and blown it. She is a constant disappointment to her parents due to the fact that she is 32 years old and seems to have no intention whatsoever of ever obtaining employment.

Yesterday at the rally Rod and Lauren decided to try and burn an American flag on the beach just to upset people. Unfortunately for them someone grabbed it before that could happen, which prompted him to cry to the same police he hates about the fact that his property was stolen before it could be burned.

Better call a social worker Rod. Your mother’s tax dollars finances them.

After that he did successfully burn a backup flag.

And Lauren and Rod raised their hands in the sky to celebrate what is quite possibly the climax of their pathetic, meaningless existence on this planet.

You can’t even get mad at these people, they’re just so sad and are only doing it for attention. I hate giving it to them, but I do enjoy pointing out how privileged and comfortable they grew up so hopefully their families can read it and be thoroughly ashamed to be related to them. I know I would be.


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